Sitting Pretty: Spacing Out Your Mustang Wheels For More Than Looks

The Ford Mustang has now evolved through seven generations, with each iteration showcasing a new body style. While opinions may vary on which generation reigns supreme, it’s undeniable that none of them come from the factory with the Mustang wheels properly positioned under the wheel wells, unless you’re purchasing a premium model. In fact, most appear sunken in, lending the models a modest look that pales in comparison to the power lurking under the hood. Your choices are to purchase new wheels and tires, or the simpler approach, buy a set of wheel spacers that safely push the wheels flush. 

Mustang wheels

The offsets on most Mustang wheels leave much to be desired. Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for the sunken look.

Factory Flush

While some enthusiasts opt to change the wheel and tire package, with custom offset wheels tailored specifically for Mustang fitment to achieve the desired appearance, others appreciate the aesthetic of the OEM wheels provided by Ford. The Performance Pack and Mach 1 wheels are prime examples that come to mind. Swapping out the wheels would inevitably alter the vehicle’s appearance and the OE-plus aesthetics would no longer remain. This is where a set of hub centric spacers from ZL1 Addons would give you the opportunity to make the car’s aesthetics more aggressive. 

While aesthetics play a significant role, they aren’t the sole consideration. By pushing the wheels and tires outward, you achieve a broader stance, enhancing lateral stability. However, wheel spacers truly shine in providing extra clearance for custom suspension setups or upgrading brake calipers. They can also assist in accommodating various wheel offsets, or at the very least, ensure that your winter beater tires don’t leave your Mustang feeling like it skipped leg day.

Mustang wheels

ZL1 Addons’ hub-centric wheel spacers are American-made and are available in thicknesses ranging from 14.5mm to 20mm.

ZL1 Addons’ hub-centric spacers are specifically designed for the Ford Mustang wheels featuring a 5×114.3 (5×4.5) bolt pattern and a 70.5mm hub. Crafted from high-quality billet aluminum, they are proudly made in the USA. Available in variable thicknesses ranging from 14.5mm to 20mm, these spacers provide the precise fitment necessary to enhance the appearance of your car. While not always required, the use of longer wheel studs may be necessary if achieving 5-7 full lug turns when tightened is not feasible.

Track Or Street

Whether you’re tearing up the track or cruising the streets, ZL1 Addons’ wheel spacers provide your Mustang with a bold, aggressive look without compromising safety. Made in America, these wheel spacers offer a direct fit and are hub-centric, ensuring easy installation with basic tools. Don’t settle for a stock base model appearance — be the hero and elevate the look of your Mustang.

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