Yenko/SC Name Plus 1,000HP Elevate The 2024 C8 To Legendary Status

The name Yenko conjures images of big-block Chevy Camaros and rare Novas. The classic Yenko cars are the things of legend, built in a time of automotive excess. During that time Chevrolet’s Central Office Production Order (COPO) system produced limited numbers of the 1969 Camaro with the infamous ZL-1 all-aluminum big-block engine. Rarer still are the two factory-built Corvettes that left the assembly plant that year with the ZL-1 engine package. In a nod to the golden era of American muscle cars and those ultra-rare ZL-1 Corvettes, Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE) ignited the automotive world once again with the unveiling of their latest offering: the 2024 and 2025 Yenko/SC C8 1000HP Corvettes.

Yenko/SC C8

SVE is the leading GM Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer in the USA, having spent over three decades as a Second Stage Vehicle Manufacturer and Tier One Supplier of limited-production specialty vehicles to GM dealerships. SVE has earned its reputation as a trailblazer in the automotive industry and aims to raise the bar yet again with the Yenko/SC C8 Corvette. These limited-edition supercars will push the envelope of performance with styling to match, carrying on SVE’s legacy as a premier GM Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer. Only 10 of the new-for-2024 C8 Yenko/SC 1000HP Corvettes will be produced followed by 50 of the 2025 models.

Yenko/SC C8

The heart of these beasts is a symphony of power and precision engineering. Starting with the C8 Corvette’s 6.2-liter LT2 engine, the block is blueprinted and machined before being filled with a forged crankshaft, forged H-beam connecting rods, and forged 2618 aluminum pistons. The short-block assembly then has a pair of CNC-ported high-flow cylinder heads bolted on featuring upgraded valvetrain components that are actuated by a proprietary ground camshaft. Everything is held securely in place thanks to ARP head and main studs. Other custom components include the intercooled intake manifold and valve covers with integrated oil separators. To reach 1,000 horsepower, boost is added to the mix from a pair of 58mm ceramic ball-bearing water-cooled turbochargers. Upgraded high- and low-pressure fuel systems along with custom tuning turn all the added air from the turbos into horsepower that can be heard from the unique exhaust tips. The Yenko/SC C8 Corvette’s DCT transmission is also upgraded to handle the tire-shredding power on tap.

Yenko/SC C8

As awesome as the Yenko/SC C8 powerplant is, it’s not just about raw power — these Corvettes are a complete feast for the senses. The Yenko/SC C8 can be ordered in any of the 14 available factory colors with nine colors plus carbon fiber available for the exterior graphics, and as an additional option customers can have the brake calipers color-matched. The customization possibilities are near endless allowing customers to make their Yenko/SC C8 truly unique and one-of-a-kind. In case the 1,000 horsepower LT2 and sounds of the turbochargers aren’t enough to let you know this is no ordinary Corvette, Yenko/SC and SYC badging on the exterior as well as embroidered SYC logos on the headrests and floor mats act as not so subtle reminders.

The Yenko/SC C8 Corvette can be ordered in coupe or convertible models through any GM dealership in the US and Canada. Enthusiast excitement is already growing rapidly and these Corvettes will likely sell out quickly. For more information visit the SVE site here.

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