Lubricate For Longevity: Melling Oil Pumps Keep Your LS Engine Happy

Keeping an engine properly oiled is vital to its longevity, especially in high-performance applications. For Gen-III and Gen-IV LS engines, Melling Performance offers a line of oil pumps to suit the needs of various combinations. These high-performance oil pumps are engineered to meet the demands of LS engines, providing superior lubrication and reliability. We spoke with one of Melling’s product specialists, Cale Risinger, to get more details on the various oil pumps Melling offers.

The LS line includes five distinct models, each tailored to specific performance needs. “The 10294 is a low volume version of the 10295 oil pump, it was designed to be used on priority main blocks but not in all builds,” Risinger says. “I would recommend the 10294 pump for engines used in drag race type applications that have no additional oiling demands such as a cooler, turbos, axle oiling lifters, or other similar components.” However, according to Risinger, it would not be recommended to use the 10294 pump in street-driven builds or in engine builds that will see high oil temps for extended periods of time. “Speaking from experience, the 10295 and 10296 pumps are the most commonly used pumps on priority main engines,” Risinger says.

Melling oil pumps

The 10295 offers a standard volume and high pressure. Melling made design changes to the housing, cover, and internal components to improve the oil pump’s performance and durability. “The 10295, 10296 (M295 family) of pumps are used in both Gen-lll, and Gen-lV engines,” Risinger explains. “You will also find that the M295 family is used on iron block engines with AFM or VVT, but not engines utilizing both systems.” The 10296 high-volume high-pressure oil pump delivers 18 percent more flow as compared to the standard volume pump. “It is also worth noting that aluminum block engines using either, or both, AFM and VVT systems will always have the higher volume (M365 family) pump on them due to the percentage of growth associated with aluminum blocks,” Risinger says.

The M365 family of pumps include the 10355 and the 10355HV. “The M365 pumps are only used on aluminum block Gen-lV engines with either, or both, AFM and VVT,” Risinger says. To support AFM and VVT, General Motors improved the Gen-IV standard-volume high-pressure oil pump to increase flow by 33 percent over the Gen-III standard-volume pump. Melling’s M365 family of pumps reflects this increase in oil flow. If you need even more oil flow for your Gen-IV LS engine, the 10355HV high-volume high-pressure oil pump has an increased flow rate that is 20 percent more than the standard-flow 10355 Gen-IV pump. “The aluminum block Gen-IV LS engines not equipped with AFM or VVT will use the M295 (10295 and 10296) family of pumps,”Risinger explains. “The exception to this is the LSA. Its combination of an aluminum block, a supercharger, and piston oil squirters results in the LSA engine requiring the higher volume pump.”

Melling oil pumps

All of the Melling Performance LS oil pumps feature the same high-quality construction. The housings are crafted from hard coat anodized aluminum, a material chosen for its lightweight properties and exceptional durability. The covers are made of phosphate-coated cast iron for strength and to resist corrosion. These features ensure the pumps can withstand the rigors of high-performance environments while contributing to overall engine longevity.

Melling Performance continues to develop and refine its products to meet the evolving demands of customers’ engines. From their exclusive rotor designs to their manufacturing processes Melling Performance produces components that increase the performance, durability, and longevity of your LS engines. For more information and to determine which oil pump is best for your engine visit the Melling Performance site and speak with their customer support team.


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