New Recipe: GM Orders Up Tony Roma For New Corvette Chief

What do a rib joint and the Corvette have in common? They are both now associated with the name Tony Roma. We told you about the retirement of Tadge Juecther, Corvette’s Chief Engineer last month. We patiently waited to see who General Motors would promote as the new head honcho of Chevy’s Plastic Fantastic.  The position is arguably the most prestigious automotive title in the world. GM has just announced a new Chief Engineer and it will affect the Corvette and GM’s performance models for years to come.

This guy has one hell of a new business card: Tony Roma, Executive Chief Engineer, Chevrolet Corvette.

Meet Tony Roma, who takes over now that Tadge Juechter’s reign is in the history books. Roma brings a wealth of experience from his time at General Motors.

The Other Tony Roma

Roma is no stranger to the Corvette family, having worked on Corvette powertrains and various Cadillacs, including the CTS, ATS, and its new flagship EV sedan. His recent work on the Cadillac V-Series and Blackwing models has solidified Cadillac’s reputation as a formidable player in the luxury performance market.

Roma’s passion for automobiles traces back to his childhood, with his first words reportedly being “Blue Nova” about his mother’s 1970 Chevy compact. His father’s love for cars had an indelible influence on him as well. Today, Roma’s collection boasts several Corvette models, including the C4 ZR1, C6 ZR1, and C8 Z06. He’s looking to update his stable with a C8 ZR1 when it debuts.

As he becomes a leader for the Global Corvette and Performance Cars team, Roma’s deep connection to the Corvette brand and its enthusiasts is clear. He is not just a figurehead but a car enthusiast and racer who is well-known at events around the country.

Extensive Experience

His hands-on experience and understanding of what customers want from their performance vehicles will be invaluable as he leads the development of future Corvette models. Tony’s got quite the track record too. In the automotive world and on actual race tracks. He has logged over 1500 miles on the “Green Hell” aka the Nurburgring in Germany.

Tony Roma’s appointment comes at a pivotal time for the Corvette brand, as it continues to evolve and push the boundaries of performance and innovation. With his extensive background and genuine enthusiasm for the automotive world, Roma is poised to steer the Corvette legacy towards an exciting future.

Handing Off The Corvette Legacy

All this is good news and Roma looks like a qualified successor. His biggest challenge will be where to go next with the C8. The first mid-engine Corvette is at the end of its product cycle. Even with the E-Ray taking its place among other Corvette’s firsts, we believe an all-electric version of Chevy’s sports car is at least a generation away. If we were it make a prediction, Roma will come on board and keep a steady hand on Corvette Inc.’s tiller, for now.

LT2 V8

Into The Wild Blue Yonder

From there, we think we’ll see a C9 Corvette very soon. The next generation Corvette is imminent because a ZR1 model usually bows at the end of the current model’s life cycle. The C9 could be a reskinned version of the C8 with a new interior sporting big screens and the latest tech.

Like the C6 was to the C5, the new C9 will be C8 2.0.  For all we know, the C9 design is locked in and ready to go. Roma’s to-do list when he starts July 1st will include a glitch-free launch of the C9. If you believe the rumors of the last few years, Roma will also oversee the addition of another Corvette model, most likely an SUV. Oh, what a time to be alive…

From all of us at Power Automedia, welcome aboard, Tony Roma! Congratulations on earning the coolest automotive title in the world.


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