PRI 2022: Strengthen Your Boosted Build With ARP Fasteners

When it’s time to really crank up the boost on an engine that’s got a blower or turbo attached to it, you need to make sure everything is going to hold together. You need to have the right fasteners in the right places to ensure the engine will be able to endure the abuse it’s about to experience. ARP is your go-to source for high-quality fasteners that you need for a boosted application.

Clamping force is what holds parts together and you can’t achieve proper clamping force if you’re using sub-par fasteners. ARP’s fasteners are made of materials that are designed to deal with extreme use. The fasteners are able to provide the correct clamping force thanks to what they’re made of, and how they’re made.

Chris Raschke from ARP walks us through why the company’s fasteners are perfect for boosted applications that are making big horsepower.

“This Moran Racing Engines-built turbo motor is an example of how ARP fasteners are used with high boost applications. With the increased horsepower that comes from a power adder, you’re going to put more strain on the fasteners. The cylinder pressures are much higher, so you need a good head stud to keep the heads on and the engine sealed up. You’re also going to see increased loads on the crankshaft, so you need good fasteners to keep them mains in place.”

ARP makes fasteners for every kind of engine platform that’s out there today. If you’re working on a boosted mill, you can head over to the ARP website to see what fasteners they have for your build.

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