British Bruiser: Peter Green’s 1969 Super Bee Tribute Car

Muscle cars speak a universal language that gearheads across the globe can understand. It doesn’t matter where you live, if you’re into cars, the rumble of a V8 will grab your attention. UK native Peter Green has always enjoyed American muscle, and his 1969 Super Bee clone is a solid ride.

Green spent a good chunk of his life behind the wheel of big trucks as a lorry driver in different spots around the world. So, Green has always loved anything with wheels, but when it comes to what he drove for fun, an American car did the trick. Green has had a wide variety of American steel in his garage over the years, but he’s always enjoyed the bigger cars like his Super Bee clone.

Now, Green’s Dodge isn’t an original Super Bee, it’s actually a Dodge Coronet that’s been dressed up with Super Bee gear. The car original was campaigned as a race car known as “Woody’s Wedge” for many years. Dave Billadeau, a UK Mopar builder, got a hold of the car and completely went through it to create what you see today. The car now sports a 440 Six Pack combo and sounds very healthy even at idle.

You don’t see many cars like this in the UK, so it’s no surprise that Green garners plenty of attention when he drives it around. These days, the Dodge doesn’t see the track since Green doesn’t have any desire to push it too hard. If you think Green treats his Dodge like a show queen, you’d be very wrong, the car gets driven a lot. While Green does take his Super Bee to car shows, he doesn’t enter it for judging, he just enjoys spending time around fellow car enthusiasts before he heads home to enjoy a pint.

Check out this video from Hand Built Cars that goes in-depth about Green and his machine.

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