What I Learned Today With Jeff Smith – Burping A Cooling System

This is the kit we purchased from Amazon. The longer plunger can be installed into the funnel to seal it when removing the funnel so coolant doesn’t spill everywhere.

In some societies, it is quite acceptable to burp following a good meal – or at least that’s what we’ve been told. For engines, it is also quite common to burp your cooling system to eliminate residual air in the system. Some engines make this more difficult to achieve than others. We’ve rarely had a problem with this, but a recent challenge with an uncooperative cooing system pushed us to try this simple funnel kit we found online through Amazon. The kit contains a large capacity funnel that connects to a series of adapters and four different radiator caps that use a simple grommet to seal the funnel to the cap.

We chose one cap adapter that fit our radiator and then plugged the funnel into the cap and filled the funnel with coolant. The funnel also comes with a stopper so you don’t spill the contents when disconnecting the funnel from the radiator.

This simple system allows you to overfill the radiator with the funnel attached to the cap adapter. After the engine achieves normal operating temperature and the thermostat opens, this will eventually purge all the air out of the cooling system, maximizing the cooling system’s performance. If the vehicle has a separate cut-off for the heater, you will want to have the heater engaged to open the valve and circulate coolant through the heater core as well.

It’s a simple system and priced at under $30. The brand for the kit we used is OEM Tools with a part number of 87009.

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