PRI 2023: VMP Embraces Dual Throttle Bodies With 2024 Package

VMP Performance has recently announced the development of a supercharger package specifically designed for the 2024 Ford Mustang. The package is crafted with a focus on maintaining the unique dual-throttle body design of the Mustang while significantly enhancing performance. Justin Starkey, the founder of VMP Performance, provided insight into their latest creation, underscoring the fundamental purpose behind the twin throttle body concept for the 2024 Ford Mustang.

Twin Throttle Bodies

In the preceding model year, single throttle-body setups were featured. Rather than compelling consumers to return to this configuration, which could incur additional costs and compromise a distinctive element of the 2024 Mustang’s identity under the hood, VMP has chosen the challenging yet rewarding path of tailoring this supercharger package to accommodate the dual throttle body unit.

We really wanted to retain the look of the twin inlets because it’s what makes the 24 the 24. –Justin Starkey, VMP Performance

The intentional decision to incorporate twin 80mm throttle bodies was driven by their aesthetic appeal in terms of symmetry, simplicity, and size. Justin emphasizes, “The symmetry, simplicity, and size of twin 80mm throttle bodies were incredibly attractive to us,” underscoring the specific factors that guided their design approach.

2024 Mustang

The 2024 model’s adjustment of the hoodline proved to be a significant advantage for VMP Performance’s innovation. Justin explains, “They decided to bring the hoodline back up. It’s a gift to the aftermarket because more hood clearance gives us more room to work under here,” recognizing the valuable increase in space under the hood, particularly crucial for their supercharger package modifications.

The deliberate placement of these throttle bodies higher and more forward than the stock intake makes a substantial contribution to the aggressive appearance. Justin clarifies, “These throttle bodies actually sit higher up and further forward than the stock intake. So if they look aggressive, that’s why,” underscoring the visual impact resulting from their strategic positioning.

2024 Mustang

Moving from conceptualization to implementation, VMP Performance rigorously assessed the integration of the concept on the car, ensuring alignment met their exacting standards. “We’ve been working in 3D space to develop this, and now we’ve got it on the car just to really take in the whole concept,” Justin explains, underscoring their meticulous attention to detail in the execution phase.

2024 Mustang Tuning

Despite successful hardware advancements, challenges persist in the tuning process. “Of course, tuning is still a challenge. So we’re still working on cracking that,” Justin admits, recognizing the ongoing efforts needed to achieve optimal performance.

VMP Performance maintains a close collaboration with partners such as HP Tuners and SCT Tuning to address tuning challenges, ensuring seamless integration between their supercharger package and the Mustang’s dual throttle-body system. Integrating this supercharger through the advanced security of the newest Mustang computer is no easy task. Fortunately, VMP is working with some of the best tuners in the world to overcome this hurdle.

2024 Mustang

While the pricing and specifications for this package are eagerly awaited, drawing from their offerings in previous year models, it’s reasonable to anticipate a power output of 700+ horsepower to the wheels with this product. VMP Performance’s new supercharger package not only pays homage to the iconic dual throttle body design of the 2024 Mustang but also commits to delivering improved performance, representing a substantial advancement for enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the ideal combination of iconic design and high-performance upgrades for the 2024 Ford Mustang.

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