This TANKS Inc. Wiring Kit Will Improve Your Fuel System’s Safety

If you’re making upgrades or changes to your fuel system, it might be time to look over its wiring as well. Older fuel systems might be using inadequate wiring and that can lead to trouble. TANKS Inc. can make fuel system wiring easier and safer with its Fuel Pump Safety Switch and Relay Wiring Kit.

A fuel pump can’t provide its advertised level of flow without being fed the proper voltage. The fuel pump’s life span can also be reduced if there is a voltage issue. So, that’s why you’ll always want to check over the wiring going to your fuel pump, especially if it’s using any of the OEM wiring harness.

TANKS Inc. can improve your fuel system safety measures with this Fuel Pump Safety Switch and Relay Wiring Kit. The kit will make sure the pump is getting the correct voltage at all times, this will prevent voltage drops that can damage a pump. TANKS Inc. also has designed this wiring kit to include an oil pressure safety switch that will kill the fuel pump if the engine loses oil pressure.

This Fuel Pump Safety Switch and Relay Wiring Kit from TANKS Inc. comes with everything you need for installation. Each kit has a 50 amp relay with socket and pigtail, 30 amp circuit breaker, wiring, NPT fittings, and oil pressure safety switch included. You’ll also get all of the terminals and mounting hardware you’ll need for most applications.

So, if you’re working on a vehicle’s fuel system make sure to give the wiring a second look. You can then pick up one of these Fuel Pump Safety Switch and Relay Wiring Kits right here on the TANKS Inc. website.

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