World’s Quickest Supercharged C8 Corvette Belongs To BoostDistrict

In the world of drag racing, we love records, especially among the LS/LT community. With every new generation of car or engine a new race for records begins. The C8 Corvette was no different, with a short list of people taking the car to its limits as soon as units hit the dealerships. Things progressed at a slower-than-normal pace thanks to GM’s Global B ECM severely hindering what could, and could not, be done with the car’s tune files. However, that didn’t stop the team at BoostDistrict from doing what they could to wring as much performance out of their C8 as possible.


For those that aren’t yet familiar, you can probably guess that BoostDistrict focuses on all things boosted. More specifically, the Texas-based shop and its proprietor, Roshan, specialize in positive displacement supercharger applications. From mild to wild, if you have an LS or LT engine, BoostDistrict has a supercharger for you. It’s no surprise then the shop’s C8 Corvette has a supercharger sitting atop its LT2 engine. As a member of the Lingenfelter Authorized Installer Program, BoostDistrict wasted no time in installing LPE’s Stage One Magnuson 700 horsepower package.

The Stage One supercharger package from Lingenfelter utilizes a Magnuson 2650 blower that adds approximately 250 crank horsepower to a stock C8. The BoostDistrict C8 performed great with this package, running as quick as, or quicker than, the C8 Z06 in the quarter mile. However, during the middle of last year, the team at BoostDistrict gained complete tuning capabilities of the C8 ECM and TCM. This unlocked a whole new level of possibilities for BoostDistrict and the C8 platform. It was time to upgrade the engine components and crank up the boost.

With the C8’s LT2 rebuilt to handle the increased pressure from its 2650 blower, it was strapped to the dyno and produced over 800 horsepower at the wheels. As a test bed for BoostDistrict, Roshan’s C8 sees many products and programs well before being offered to customers. So as the boost and horsepower increase, things like drivability, reliability, and performance are being closely monitored and recorded. Part of the testing involves days spent at the drag strip to dial things in.


Because this C8 retains the factory DCT transmission, particular care must be given to how power is applied to, and transferred through, the transmission to the rearend. To help keep the transmission happy at this power level, BoostDistrict has upgraded the factory clutch assembly with a Stage 2 unit from Dodson Motorsports. Still, launching the C8 on a sticky track with drag radials and getting it to shift smoothly has proven to require lots of testing and tuning adjustments.

The part on the left is how the inner splined shaft and axle mounting flange are supposed to look. The one on the right is what happens to the factory part when you combine 800-plus wheel horsepower, drag radials, a sticky track, and repeated high-rpm launches.


On the first track outing with the new combination, Roshan quickly found out that 800-plus horsepower at the wheels with lots of grip in a mid-engine car results in wheelies. While wheels-up launches look cool, they don’t help elapsed times. Figuring out a launch rpm that would keep the car from yanking the front wheels and getting the transmission to shift correctly were the biggest challenges. Roshan even tried adding as much as 120 pounds in the frunk to keep the nose down, but it still wheelied. Unfortunately, the test session was brought to an abrupt end when upon launching the car Roshan thought he had destroyed the factory DCT transmission. Thankfully, it turned out that one of the axle mounting flanges broke from its splined stub axle, a drastically less expensive and easier-to-fix issue than replacing or rebuilding the DTC transmission.

With the broken part replaced, Roshan headed back to the track for more testing to try and get the C8 to make a quick smooth pass. Once again, the C8 yanked the front wheels and caused the car to not shift correctly early in the run. According to Roshan, the C8 pulls hard through the back half of the quarter mile. If he is to get into the nine-second range he has to get the car to leave the line without doing a wheelie. Roshan made adjustments to the launch rpm among other things and headed back to the water box for a second pass. The hard work and testing paid off on this pass. The changes he made to the C8 kept the front wheels down and it was able to make the gear changes correctly.


Roshan was pleasantly rewarded with a time slip that read 9.97 seconds at 146.8 mph. That makes the BoostDistrict C8 Corvette the quickest supercharged C8 in the quarter mile currently. However, he has no plans to stop there and let others catch him. Roshan is continually testing and pushing his C8 to confirm its reliability and showcase the performance that BoostDistrict offers to its customers. Additionally, the same package that is currently on Roshan’s C8 will soon be available to all BoostDistrict Customers. If you are interested in a nine-second daily driven C8 of your own, we will be taking a deep dive into this build in upcoming content to bring you every detail of how BoostDistrict turned a factory Corvette into the quickest supercharged C8 in the world.

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