Saleen To Option 800 HP 302 Black Label With Sequential Transmission

While Americans eagerly anticipated the solar eclipse darkening the skies on April 8th, 2024, a fortunate crowd at the Mustang Club of America (MCA) 60th Mustang Anniversary at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama, were treated to a view of the all-new 2024 Mustang Saleen 302 Black Label a few days prior. Though it may not have dimmed the skies, the dazzling Speedlab Beryllium certainly warranted sunglasses to temper its scorching hues. This vibrant color is one of 14 exclusive Saleen Speedlab options available.


High Caliber Inside And Out

The Black Label from Saleen sets the bar for the 302 line, excelling not only in terms of power but also with its functional aero features. The Saleen air management system boasts a sculpted hood with a center vent, designed to efficiently remove excess heat and alleviate high pressure from the wheel area. Furthermore, the front fascia not only generates downforce but also incorporates integrated, fully functional braking cooling ducts, effectively dispersing heat after a few hot laps on the road course.

The body modifications extend beyond the front, with careful attention paid to the side skirts and a rear diffuser. Saleen incorporated one of its signature components into the build: a wing that not only enhances the car’s stylish appearance but also provides additional downforce and balance. Another nostalgic feature is the center exhaust, reminiscent of the aesthetics of the early 2000s found in the Saleen S281 Extreme.

Similar to the Saleen White Label, the Black Label extends its modernized design elements into the cabin, featuring an instrument surround frame that encompasses the LED screens. The Black Label models also boast custom Saleen Sport Seating with Alcantara and color-matched stitching for a premium touch.

Potent Pony

Under the hood, the Pony car underwent a transformation to become an 800 horsepower monster, largely due to the inclusion of the supercharged Coyote engine. “I’m proud to say that our new 800 horsepower Black Label is our most comprehensive 302 model to date. We’ve spent a lot of time not only developing the look but also ensuring its functionality,” says Steve Saleen.

The promises of even more enhancements didn’t end there, as Steve Saleen mentioned, “We will also be offering some exciting options such as a multi-chambered titanium exhaust that produces an F1-inspired sound, and a sequential transmission in the near future.”

302 Black Label

Just The Beginning

While all 302 Black Labels come equipped with a Gen 5 Racecraft suspension, Saleen brakes, and Saleen wheels and tires, it seems that this is just the beginning, with high-end options like the titanium exhaust and a sequential transmission on the horizon. We eagerly anticipate seeing these Black Labels dominating both the track and the streets. And if Team Saleen has any more surprises with exotic options, all the better. The starting point for the Black Label rocketship is $108,990.

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