SEMA 2022: Scorpion 600 EV Roadster From So Cal Wine Country

Out west in California, the future of sports cars is being brewed up alongside a backdrop of vintners and vineyards. Yes, the City of Temecula is famous for its winemakers, but now you can add electric car makers to the list of attributes that makes this Southern California hamlet such an attractive place to live.

The Scorpion 600 EV Roadster is the result of a glimmer in CEO Bill Cardoso’s eye during the chaos of the COVID lockdowns. We had a chance to talk with him in Las Vegas at SEMA 2022, and he filled us in on the journey that led him to build his own electric sports car. “My son is on the autism spectrum and is averse to loud sounds. I love cars and wanted to include him in my hobby, so with all the time I had on my hands during the pandemic, I decided to put together a Cobra-based electric sports car.” Cardoso has his Ph.D. in engineering, so it was a piece of cake for him.

Although EVs can be a spicy topic for traditional car guys, Cardoso borrowed a time-tested recipe from hot rodders of yore, albeit with some great third-party suppliers. Starting with a Factory Five body and chassis, he adds a rear motor and battery pack from a Tesla Model S. A dual-motor model will be available later down the line.

All of the design and modeling of the car was done on the computer, and most details were massaged in the virtual world before any wrenches were turned. The stats are impressive. With a curb weight of 2600 lbs. and 600 horsepower, the 0-60 mph times flash by in 2.4 seconds. Not to mention a range of around 400 miles. The best of all worlds.

The cars are assembled in Temecula, California, with prices starting at $185,000. Build times are in as little as 90 days, so if an electric Cobra (that can smoke any of its predecessors) strikes your fancy, go here for more information.

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