The Brow: A Legendary Hemi-Powered 1966 Plymouth Belvedere

We’ve all heard about legendary cars that roamed the streets and were the kings of the local car scene. One of these cars was known as “The Brow”, a numbers-matching, one-of-one 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II that’s powered by a 426 cubic-inch Hemi, and backed by a four-speed transmission. This ultra-rare Plymouth won a lot of races, disappeared, and was eventually restored to its former glory.

The story of The Brow starts back in 1966, when James Watson Jr. purchased the Belvedere for his son Rocky. It wasn’t long before Rocky had the rowdy Belvedere on the streets each weekend racing anyone he could. The Belvedere was ordered with a set of bumper guards and they looked like a set of eyebrows. As Rocky would rocket towards the finish line of a race people would see the bumper guards. That’s how the Belvedere became known as The Brow.

Well, Rocky’s street racing antics eventually got him in trouble and he found himself in court. The Brow was impounded along with its title and the car disappeared, or so that’s what people thought. The Plymouth eventually ended up in the hands of Ferron Campbell, but it was never titled.

In 1978, Phillip Conklin purchased the car from Campbell and he didn’t drive the Plymouth much at all over the next 30 years. Eventually, Ray Rappa traded his 1971 Challenger R/T to Conklin for The Brow. The Brow then received a full restoration from Ray Barton and Ray Younkin over the course of three years under Rappa’s ownership.

While Rappa was taking care of his wife who was suffering from cancer, he decided it was time to sell The Brow. Aaron Boggs, a car collector and muscle car hunter heard about the rare Plymouth and made a trip to Florida to talk with Ray and check out the car. Boggs worked with Rocky Watson’s son and the Chrysler Historical Society to fully document The Brow’s amazing history. A deal was reached and Boggs purchased the car so it could join The Boggs Stable, an impressive collection of classic cars.

These days, you can see The Brow on display at big shows across the country. The Brow might not be terrorizing the streets anymore like it did back in 1966, but now everybody can see this rare car and enjoy its story.

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