The Ballad of “Z069” — A 1969 Twin-Turbo Camaro

While 1969 Camaros are plentiful in the restomod world, it’s tough to make one truly unique. Just like country music, sometimes the best tunes are a fresh take on familiar themes. Russ Eell’s 1969 Camaro, dubbed “Z069,” takes a tried-and-true formula — LS power — and cranks it up to eleven with a pair of rear-mounted turbos. This clever twist on a classic recipe stole the show and serenaded us with its irresistible siren song at the 2024 Grand National Roadster Show.

Z069 holding court in Pomona, California at the 2024 Grand National Roadster Show.

In The Beginning

Built by Ben Conley of Ben’s Custom Paint and Roy Curl of Oregon City, Oregon, the Z069 has a bittersweet backstory. Originally owned by Roy Curl, Ben’s uncle, work began on the car around 2014. The project was cruising along until Roy’s passing. The car sat dormant for about three years until Roy’s stepson and current owner, Russ Eells, took over. With the help of Ben and his crew, they set out to finish the car as Roy and Ben had envisioned. In the fall of 2023, Ben Conley, Dylan Trost, and Russ Eells debuted the completed Camaro in the Mother’s Polish Both at SEMA where it wowed showgoers and judges alike.

The Camaro came from Arizona and was a rust-free roller. Ben told us, “I didn’t check body tags, so I don’t know if it was an RS, SS, or Z28. I didn’t care because it was an excellent starting point and we were going to change everything anyway.”

Solid Ground

Front subframe be gone! The new floor pan accepts the Art Morrison MaxG chassis.

A Solid Foundation

First things first. The guys went with a full-perimeter Art Morrison MaxG chassis. That entailed fabricating an entirely new floor pan that ditched the front subframe, and factory rear suspension mounts, which allowed the body to nest comfortably on the new, high-tech modern customized MaxG foundation.

Next, the guys went with C6 Corvette suspension at all four corners but ditched the transverse mono leaf springs and replaced them with QA1 coilovers. Six-piston, 14-inch Baer brakes are fitted all the way around and drop some serious anchor.  Z069 touches down on the tarmac with a huge set of Boze wheels and Nitto Invo rubber, 275/35/18s up front, and 325/30/19s in the rear.

The rolling chassis when first delivered.

Voluptuous Bow Tie Body

Along with the aforementioned custom floor pan, Ben and his team tubbed the rear wheel wells to accommodate the huge meats and then set their sights on the exterior, lovingly straightening the sheet metal. Wisely, they left it mostly OEM and retained the door handles, window trim, and side markers. Then they gently breathed on a few details. Check out the tucked-in front bumper, custom front valance, and lower spoiler. In the rear, dig the split bumper, and the faired-in, center-mounted exhaust ports.


Z069 in Goldfield, Nevada, at the International Car Forest.

When the sheet metal was shimmed, tweaked, and laser straight, Ben sprayed the exoskeleton in a custom shade of deep sea blue from ProSpray. For some pop, they laid a very subtle white stripe with red accents over the top of the car. Leaving as much factory DNA styling as possible paid dividends here. Unlike heavy-handed customs, original 1969 Camaro design cues are timeless and never go out of style.


Laying it on the line.

Dual Rear Mounted Turbos, Oh My!

Here’s where it gets interesting. In went a Chevrolet Performance LSX376-B15 built from the factory to take 15 pounds of boost. The mill was mated to a six-speed T56 Magnum built by Bowler Performance and dropped into the new frame. Cody Becker fabricated a custom exhaust system (plumbed as a send and return feed) to two, STS 60mm turbos mounted just behind the rear bumper valance.


The engine bay received every bit as much love and attention to detail as the rest of the car.

The car has no mufflers, as the turbos offer noise suppression as a bonus. A custom radiator and Aeroquip fuel system keep this beast cool and full of fuel. When all is said and done, Z069 makes almost 800 horsepower with 650 lb-ft of torque.


Snug, but sanitary execution.

Control Central

Inside the cabin, Ben and Russ broke some more rules. They swapped in a 1967 Camaro dash and fitted Dakota Digital gauges. A very nice integrated custom console houses a Bluetooth sound system, touchscreen panel, and Vintage Air.  The front seats are heavily modified Chrysler Sebring units, but you’d never know it. Then the entire interior was stitched in white leather and bronze suede by CSC Interiors. Be sure to check out the custom door cards, speaker grilles, and kick panels. The trunk is nicely finished and kitted out to match.


A new take on a familiar theme.

Big Splash

The car has won fans all around the country as well. Z069 won Best In Class at GNRS 2024, the Emerald Award at the Salem Roadster Show, Best in Class and the Outstanding Pro Touring Street Machine Award at the Portland Roadster Show, and Best in Class and Outstanding Street Machine/Pro Touring at the Boise Roadster show. For now, Russ and his wife Jill are enjoying the car and showing it off at car meets. Ben says, “It was a labor of love to finish the car as Roy was unable to do so. We feel his presence every time we turn the ignition key.”

Hmmm, Z069’s story could make a great country song. Here’s to you Roy…


  • 1969 Camaro Z069 Tech Sheet

    • Chassis
      • Brake Calipers: Baer Brakes – 6S 14″
      • Brake Rotors: Baer Brakes – 6 Piston
      • Coilovers: QA1 – Adjustable coilovers
      • Fasteners: ARP – Automotive Racing Products
      • Frame: Art Morrison Enterprises – Customized Max-G Chassis
    • Drivetrain
      • Clutch Assembly: Centerforce Clutches
      • Clutch Master Cyl.: Tilton Engineering
      • Fasteners: ARP – Automotive Racing Products
      • Flywheel: McLeod Racing
      • Tires: Nitto Tire U.S.A. Inc.
      • Transmission: T56 Magnum six-speed from Bowler Performance 
      • Wheels: Boze Alloys | Forged Wheels
    • Engine
      • Alternator: Powermaster Performance
      • Battery: Odyssey Battery
      • Battery Disconnect: Flaming River Industries
      • Crate Engine: Chevrolet Performance – LSX B15
      • Data Logger: HP Tuners
      • ECU: Chevrolet Performance
      • Exhaust Headers: Doug Thorley Headers
      • Fuel Filter: Aeromotive Inc.
      • Fuel Management: Chevrolet Performance
      • Fuel Pump: Aeromotive Inc.
      • Fuel Regulator: Aeromotive Inc.
      • Heat Barrier: Design Engineering, Inc. | DEI – Header wrap
      • Spark Plug Wires: MSD Performance
      • Starter: Powermaster Performance
      • Tuning: HP Tuners
    • Exterior
      • Car Care Products: Mothers Polish
      • Paint & Primers: BASF Automotive Refinish – Glasurit Waterborne
      • Weather Stripping: Steele Rubber Products
    • Interior
      • Gauges: Dakota Digital
      • Heat & AC: Vintage Air
      • Rust Prevention: POR-15 – American Icon – High-Performance Coatings
      • Wiring: American Autowire
      • Wiring Harness: American Autowire
    • Services
      • Design: Kolor Werx Creative Services
    • Shops
      • Paint & Bodywork: Ben’s Custom Paint
      • Project Manager: Ben’s Custom Paint
      • Sheet Metal Fab: Ben’s Custom Paint

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