Why A COBB Accessport Is A Powerful Tool For EcoBoost Owners

When it comes to the EcoBoost, unlocking some of the best power is just a simple tune away. We’ve consistently witnessed how Ford restrained the performance potential of most EcoBoost platforms, only to see tunes deliver massive horsepower gains. However, this extends beyond just seeking gains on your stock motor. In fact, if you plan on making any intake, exhaust, fueling changes, or upgrading turbos, a handheld tuning device is a necessity. Whether you aim to dominate the autocross or simply increase the horsepower of your EcoBoost Mustang, a handheld performance tuner is essential to reaching your goals.

cobb accessport ecoboost mustang

Accessing Your Power Potential 

The simplicity of tuning has evolved significantly over the years. If you’ve ever dealt with an antiquated standalone ECU, you might recall the frustrations it could bring. In today’s world, handheld programmers are much more user-friendly, requiring only that you plug them into your OBD II port to upload tunes. You can download tunes, recorded datalogs, or update your Accessport from the comfort of your PC or Mac. If you sell the car or want to return to stock, it’s as simple as pushing a few buttons. Just as electronics have evolved so have handheld programmers and the COBB Accessport is no different.

Instead of logging into your computer to load up a new map, the COBB Accessport has the ability to save up to 100 maps, from the OTS options to custom tunes done by the COBB tuner of your choice. One popular feature for the garage mechanic is the ability to read codes and delete them when the job has been completed.

The COBB Accessport also has the ability to display and log data. No longer are you required to have three gauges stacked on the a-pillar to monitor engine vitals, everything that needs to be seen can be seen in real time on the COBB Accessport and even better can have up to four channels logging data to make sure your getting the optimal performance from your EcoBoost. 

The Right Tool

If you own an EcoBoost vehicle, then you would be wise to have an Accessport, even in stock form. You can monitor vitals, upload new maps and if you decide to ever do some modifications, you’ll have the perfect tool to optimize the new products! 

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