Video: Installing Maradyne High Performance Fans In An LS Camaro

When it comes to electric fans for your radiator it’s all about being cool, and Maradyne High Performance Fans has you covered. Check out this video with Fred from Two Guy’s garage installing a two-fan Mach Two system in front of an LS-powered Camaro.

Traditional fans employ a clutch and turn themselves on and off, mostly when idling. Maradyne fans pull huge volumes of air without dragging on the engine, but because they are non-parasitic. They run efficiently in the background. Not only that, the dual 225-watt fans are whisper quiet and cure the dreaded thrashing fan racket, leaving more bandwidth for your melodious exhaust note.

Maradyne fans are built tough with glass nylon hosuings and come in three different configurations. If you have a cross-flow radiator, there is a model with top and bottom mounting flange plates. For radiators with tanks on the top and bottom, a side mount flange version is available. Lastly, there is a universal model that picks up the slack with a one-off cooling system. They are compact when installed and just need the power to get to work.

Maradyne High Performance Fans is a brand name owned by DCM Manufacturing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dreison International.  DCM Manufacturing manufactures and sells accessories and components serving off-road equipment, agricultural machinery, heavy-duty truck, automotive, bus, RV, marine, and military markets. Go here for more Maradyne product details and pricing.

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