Fall Fling XV: Mopars At Woodley Park

It's wasn't just classic Mopar muscle that came out for this year's 15th annual Fall Fling at Woodley Park, many LX and Challenger clubs showed up in droves to show their pride and high performance manchines.

It’s tough to plan for a “Show & Shine” event when the weather forecast predicts four hours of rain. But that didn’t stop this year’s Fall Fling. Celebrating its 15th year at Woodley Park situated in Van Nuys, California, the Chrysler Performance West (a Southern California Mopar car club based in the San Fernando Valley) welcomed flocks of Mopars, vendors and enthusiasts this Saturday, October 30, 2010.

The Chrysler Performance West (CPW) club was started in 1985, and has been putting on the Spring Fling and Fall Fling shows at Woodley Park for almost 25 years.

Available in a variety of conditions, these original 426 HEMI cylinder heads had several horsepower-fanatics drooling. Prices of course were negotiable and we're happy to see these go to a new home (and engine compartment)!

At first, we thought this was the infamous Pure Vision-built Road Runner "Hammer," which cameo'ed at the end of the craptacular "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift." Instead, it was another charcoal gray Plymouth which featured a built, fuel-injected and blown RB-Block (that's Mopar for "big block"), a wicked fuel cell and plumbing system, trick interior and rolling on some gorgeously inked-black Forgelines.

This Saturday’s early morning looked bleak as many woke to looming clouds and sheets of falling rain, but it didn’t take long before the heavens parted and blue skies illuminated a somewhat soggy, but cheerful crowd and event grounds.

Key sponsoring companies were center stage in the vendor midway. Corona, CA. company, TTI Exhaust showcased their Westech-tuned and proven high performance headers and full exhaust systems for both classic and late-model Mopars.

The 1960's were definitely alive with this D100 van's metal flake gold paint scheme. You gotta hand it to these guys. It's not just Chargers and HEMI 'Cudas here.

Does this look like a regular old SRT8 Challenger to you? Well, you'd be dead wrong. Karl Schello's Dodge has been around the block or two. A member of the So Cal Challengers Club, Karl is on the quest to hit 200mph in a damn-near-stock Challenger. And he's nearly there, hitting nearly 184mph thus far. Expect to see a lot more of this Ruby Red SRT8 on StreetMuscleMag.com!

Van Nuys local, Just Dashes,  a staple in interior restoration, recoloring and re-chroming for nearly 30 years, was on hand, as was Mopar Performance dealer, Glendora Dodge as was the nationally-known Chrysler shop,  Restorations by Julius.

Welcome to lovers of all things Mopar, this year’s Fall Fling hosted 350 Mopar machines and over 150 “swappers,” selling off everything imaginable, from top-of-the-food chain Keith Black aluminum HEMI blocks and heads, to repopped sheetmetal, to unopened original replacement chrome trim and badging.

Just a LA-Block (more Mopar speak for "small block") oil pan? Guess again. This Milodon pan is designed for road racing purposes with built in bulwarks, trap doors, and baffles; the first of its kind.

Spied only a couple days before SEMA at the Glendora Dogde booth, this brilliantly-engineered Milodon pan is a godsend to those actively road racing their Mopars or are simply looking for added oil capacity while not exposing itself below the K-member.

Without fail, the CPW club brings in cars from all over the western United States as well as spectators and vendors from all over North America. Of course, the Fall Fling isn’t just a fancy Show n’ Shine, it’s an experience. The Friday morning before, a fleet of Mopars cruised from Woodley Park to Malibu for lunch overseeing the Pacific Ocean.

While the weather might have scared away a few more vendors and show cars, this year’s Fall Fling was a hit. We’ve included a monster-sized gallery of images of just a sprinkling of the cool cars and bits and pieces we spotted (including a super-rare ’66 Plymouth Satellite that was purposely optioned by a Southern California dealership with ’67 GTX equipment to showcase what the next year’s models offered. Check out the pics!).

"Wait a minute, that's a 5-window Ford," you might be asking. Well, you'd be right. This anthing-but-ratty rod parked outside the fairgrounds but showed off his Mopar loyalty by touting a monster Chrysler Firepower 392 HEMI force fed by a monster blower.

It wouldn't be a Mopar event without a couple bad ass 'Cudas. Possibly one of the most desired of the pony cars, the Plymouth 'Cuda hasn't seen a production floor in over a quarter century. This '72 didn't sport a HEMI or a 440 6-Barrel plant, but still looked cool in color-matched steel rims and dog dish caps.

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