NMCA Bradenton 2011 Same Day Coverage


We are underway with eliminations here this morning at the NMCA season opener with another day of great racing weather. We will be updating through the day with round by round coverage so stay tuned in.

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Sunday Morning Pit Update

I stopped by Vinny Budano's trailer after they unloaded the car. They made some small adjustments last night and they are ready for eliminations today. They are sitting in the number 6 qualifying spot.

David Hill had a little trouble with the car yesterday but still qualified for the number 4 spot. They were having issues with the turbo so they replaced it with a new one last night. They are all ready to race today and should be running much quicker than yesterday.

George Rumore is currently in the number qualifying spot. Last night he added some timing and is ready to race.

Jeff Colletta unloading his '69 Camaro. He checked the car over last night and no real adjustments were needed. He is ready for eliminations today.

The School of Automotive Engineering set up a Christmas Tree simulator where you can practice your reaction time.

I stopped by Don Cruz's trailer to check out the new turbo setup on his GN-X. This season he is running a fresh motor with a front facing 88mm turbo. All fabrication work was done at Pro-Fab Performance by Matt LaRue and Cody Goodsell. Don went easy on the car with the new motor and still made a 8.60 and 8.40 pass on what he considers "low boost," so he is really happy with the combo. He is excited to see what the car will do once they turn the boost up... I see high 7's in the near future!

The track was hot on time this morning kicking of with the old school cars. Gotta love this old Mopar owned by Dave Shultz, he runs in the Nostalgia Super Stock Class

ATI is another vendor/sponsor on site. They are parked directly across from the Mickey Thompson rig and are providing tech services as well as displaying the latest in transmission and converter technology.

Frank Meshaw was struggling yesterday building boost and think they have an ignition issue with one dead cylinder. They are trying to trace the issue and make first round, Cal Hartline is on hand helping out.

Ed Rice was off pace yesterday with a broken fourth gear. He has a twin turbo 440 cubic inch SBF by Cornett Thunder with a Liberty 5 Speed trans.

Jesse Violante got down the track last night after a four link change by hank Hill of Hooked up and Gone Race Cars. he ran the back half on motor only because they have no date yet for the lock up trans and just wanted to get a decent run to get in the field.

Chis Rini and crew got the engine all back together for first round today after repairing a damaged lifter and re ringing half the engine yesterday and missing two rounds of qualifying. He plans to tear the other side down for fresh rings after round one making for another very busy day.

Round One Results

Pro Street

Rini was able to make the call for first round and laid down a nice 6.06 @ 234 against Dave Merritt who spun the tires hard at the hit of the throttle. Budano made a great 6.13 pass to get the win over Pugliese who shut down early. Dunne slowed to a 6.40 @ 222 but still got the round over Valone.

Newcomer to the NMCA Benoit got some luck his way after Blaisdell went red tossing out his 6.78 @ 218 MPH run.

Vinnie Demieri had a single as Adler missed the round after breaking last night and ripped off a 6.08 @ 235 for top MPH of the round. He lost the scoop and the top of the manifold and throttle bodies in the shutdown area and will not make round two, they are quite pleased with the .08 run however.

Super Street 10.5 W

John Lastinger is running NMCA for the first time with his new car so he must be happy to get his first round win over Kevin Mitchell who seemed to lose power at the launch. Mitchell is in the near lane. Frank Meshaw made the call and managed a 7.48 @ 163 over Ed Rice

Tony Nesbitt had a very nice run with a 7.03 @ 197 to get the win over Violante who smoked the tires going past the 60 foot.

Murillo had a single in round one but wasn't able to get a hold of the track and clicked it early to a 7.50 @ 151 MPH. Conrad Scarry ran a 6.84 over Steve Summers who also clicked it early.

Nostalgia Pro Street

Jarrett had the bye with low ET and ran a 7.61 @ 152 shutting down early.

Joe Bucaro ran a nice 7.33 @ 185 over Anderw Handras and Skip Baskin took the win over Stanley Albritton Jr with a 7.45 making for a close second round coming up.

Number four qualifier Colletta faced off with pat Adams and laid down a 7.28 @ 189 for low Et of the round, just one hundreth quicker than DeMory who took the win over Dave Beeson.

Extreme Street

Dan Kroll also had a single due to the missing Bob Curran, he ran a nice 8.07 @ 172.

Kurgan ran an 8.01 @ 174 taking out George Rumore's shut down 12.42 run. Mike Keenan got an easy win over Steve Cagle who missed the round with a burned piston in last nights final session.

Trovato was late on the tree but was able to drive around Scotty G's off pace 8.57 @ 162 with a 8.002 @ 172 for low ET of the round. Despite Guilers slower run it was his best of the weekend.

Stanton also put a clean 8.08 run over Phil Smith.

Pro Stock

Don Baskin had a single and took the tree for and easy pass. Mike DeMayo matched up with Don Bowles and put up a 8.53 @ 158 taking the win over Bowles 8.87. Charlie Booze Jr. left first on Greg DeLaney and ran a n 8.50 @ 155 for the win. Rob Valden didn’t make the round against Robbie Blakenship who ran an 8.57 @ 157

Round Two

Pro Street

Vinny Budano heating them up before his pass in round two eliminations. Rini took the win in that race.

Joe Dunn did a big burnout before his race against Bennitt. Dunn won and advanced to the third round.

Lutz made another great pass in round two.

Mickey Thompson Tires Super Street 10.5W

Mike Murillo took down Nesbitt with a 6.88 @ 218.

Lastinger heating them up before his round two pass of Super Street eliminations.

Scarry doing a big burnout before his 6.92 @ 208 MPH round two eliminations pass.

ARP Nostalgia Pro Street

Chuck Demory's holeshot in round two of eliminations.


Jamie Stanton heating them up before his run in Extreme Street!

Bob Kurgan heating up the tires before his round two eliminations pass.

Bill Trovato had a nice launch in second round of eliminations taking down Stanton with a 8.03 @170

275 Drag Radial

Jason Less and Don Cruz staging for round two eliminations in 275 Drag Radial.

Don Lamana spun the tires out of the hole in round two eliminations but seemed to really move up top. I can't wait to see what this thing does once they get it all dialed in!

Don Cruz vs. Jason Lee in round two eliminations.

David Hill vs Jeffrey Lutz in round two.


Basking staging before his round two eliminations run.

Don Bowles run in round two eliminations.

Booze making his round two eliminations run.

Mean Street Round 2

David Hill in the water box before his round two eliminations in Mean Street.

Chris Clouse vs Gary Duncan. Duncan carried the tires way past the 60 foot on this pass in round two eliminations.

Don Baskin staging for his round two eliminations run.


Nostalgia Pro Street

Chuck Demory had a perfect reaction time of .000 in the third round of eliminations against Jeff Colletta.

Super Street Round 3 Eliminations

John Lastinger had a single and took the tree and rolled down easy in this round. Murillo's 6.88 @ 214 put Conrad Scarry on the trailer.

Extreme Street Round 3

Bob Curgan making another great pass in round three of eliminations.

Final Results

Pro Street

Joe Dunne won Kooks Custom Headers Pro Street on a single after Chris Rini failed to make the final after loosing the scoop in the lights in round three. Dunne ran a nice 6.14 @ 231 MPH.


Extreme Street

Bob Kurgan won the CFE Extreme Street over Bill Trovato with an 8.01 @ 162. Trovato was clearly hurt pulling to the line and simply made an appearance for points.

Super Street 10.5W

Mike Murillo slowed to a 7.15 @ 166 in the finals of Mickey Thompson Super Street 10.5 against John Lastinger. Lasting had his best run of the weekend with a 7.72 @ 176 but was no match for Murillo's SCT sponsored twin turbo Mustang.

Pro Stock

Comp Cams Pro Stock had Charlie Booze Jr. winning over Mike DeMayo with an 8.50 @ 159 to DeMayo's 8.64 @ 158.

275 Drag Radial

Jason Lee and John Fernandez made it a nitrous vs. blower match for the ATI 275 Drag Radial class debut. Lee ran a 7.71 @ 179 taking the win for the blower crowd here this weekend. Fernandez had been 7.90's in qualifying and had his best run of eliminations with an 8.05 @ 167.

Mean Street

Don Baskin put up a very nice 9.83 @ 133 over Gary Duncan's off pace 10.57 @ 125 in BF Goodrich Mean Street

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