PRI 2016: Chevrolet Performance Parts Gen 6 Camaro and Crate Engines


Chevrolet Performance parts had a jaw-dropping booth again this year, with several new exciting releases being announced. First up, are the new performance upgrades for the Gen 6 Camaro which include lowering, handling, intakes, and exhausts. The suspension handling package include everything needed to take your Camaro to the next level. Everything is provided-shorter and stiffer springs, stiffer stabilizer bars, handling links, and even tuning for the Magnetic Ride Control which requires dealer visit to re-calibrate and update, but is included in the cost of the suspension handling package (PN 84130608).


Chevy Performance showed off their Gen 6 Camaro with all their performance and handling goodies installed

Even if you just want to lower your Camaro, you still gain an increase in performance. Chevrolet doesn’t just give you springs, they include matching shocks and struts to make sure that the whole suspension can work together while taking full advantage of the higher spring rates and lower ride height (PN 84188726). It’s important to note that Chevy has gone the extra mile for each kit by making them vehicle specific. This means the SS coupe varies from the SS Convertible to make sure that regardless of which term level you have, the parts you install are optimized for ultimate performance.


In addition to the Gen 6 Camaro parts, Chevy had some new crate engines to show off. For the everyday hot-rodder, the new LT1 6.2-liter direct injected engine that came out two years ago in the C7 Corvette, and now Camaro is available by itself with slightly modified valve train and camshaft to provide 535 horsepower out of an engine that provides a very powerful and pleasant driving experience. Of course with the new direct injector and modern day engineering, you gain better efficiency overall and mileage plus the new LT1 has been cataloged in the connect & cruise systems guide.


The ZZ4 went out of production because of supply issues, there was a gap in the engine lineup. Chevy has rectified this by releasing a new 350 CI engine with an all new hydraulic roller camshaft, newest intake manifold design, and high flow vortex cylinder heads to provide a real world 357 horsepower and 400+ pound-feet of torque. Although this engine may be only 357 horsepower, Bill Martens from Chevrolet had this to say, “The reality is that most people daily drive this [engine], and they may think they want that 450 or 500 horsepower monster, but the reality is that this is either a great street rod, truck, or passenger car daily-driver engine.” This engine has been tested, proven durable, and comes in at a price point that will really be welcomed.


On a final note, Chevrolet has greatly expanded their Connect and Cruise powertrain systems. Basically, Chevy has done your homework for you and matched up engines and transmissions and provided all the components to make that happen in a neat little list that gets most of the work done for you.  Although the list doesn’t provide 100 percent of what you need, Martens guestimated that it gets you to 90 or 95 percent.

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