PRI 2016: Edelbrock Reveals New Casting Techniques And HEMI Parts

Edelbrock has always been on the forefront of new products that provide incredible gains to a variety of vehicles, but this year at PRI they had some really interesting stuff to show off. First off, Edelbrock showed us some new casting techniques for their intake manifolds and the differences between the new and old designs was visually obvious.


The biggest difference in the new design is the two piece core vs one piece core build. Initially going with a single pour was difficult to get everything right, but now Edelbrock has mastered it with their new intake manifold and the results are completely worth it. Such an improvement was made, that Edelbrock will be expanding this manufacturing across their entire lineup (for applicable products). Because the runners are thinner, you have increased air mass, basically “The greatest thing since sliced bread,” August Cederstrand jokingly told us. But that’s no joke, coming out of the box like this saves time and money.

Left: Shows older style two piece design; Right: Significantly thinner runners

Normally head port guys have to go in and narrow down the runners but since they arrive like this, you pull it out of the box and install it. With continued innovation like this, Edelbrock helps secure a strong lead against their competitors.


Another big breakthrough on the Edelbrock table is the Gen 3 Hemi manifold. This is an all-new (clean sheet paper) cast manifold, though similar to the 6.1L SRT intake. Flow is improved with relocated injector bosses, near vertical runners, and a throttle body opening that even accommodates the Hellcat 92mm throttle body as well as the smaller 84mm. It fits the 5.7-liter, 6.1-liter, and 6.4-liter engines. August told us that this should be good for a 25-30 horsepower gain. There are even nitrous bosses if that isn’t enough. The intake compliments the Gen 3 Hemi heads shown at SEMA with stock intake and exhaust locations as well as valve angles to make it a direct bolt on. It features dual exhaust bolt patterns, so there is no left or right variances.


Look for these new products to be released in February and March 2017.

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