Video: Mopars At The Strip Midway Madness

Spending the weekend in Las Vegas can end in broken marriages, drained bank accounts, or even jail time. Thankfully, spending the weekend at the Mopars at The Strip will render very different results…well, except for the drained bank account thing if you happen to be an impulse buyer.

It’s tough for any Mopar lover to not loose their fiscal inhibitions when seeing shiny new crate motors sitting idly on stands, polished big tube headers waiting to be snatched up, or a new 5- or 6-speed manual gearbox that will fit in perfectly behind your snappy small block.

Walking the vendor’s midway at this weekend’s Mopars at The Strip can be an exercise in self control. We stopped at Cederstrand Racing Engines, Speedfactory, Mancini Racing, Layson’s Restorations, TTI Exhaust, and Legendary Auto Interiors and fought back the urges to max out our credit cards. Our projects are far from over, and it’s great to see how the aftermarket has done nothing but continue to grow at a weed’s pace.

It was big news at this last year’s SEMA that Mopar had opened up the floodgates of licensing agreements, allowing a bevy of new and existing Mopar aftermarket companies access to molds, blueprints and designs to all start reproducing restoration equipment. Since SEMA last November, the availability of these new items have continued to trickle in.

Take a quick look at what we found at this year’s MATS manufacturers’ midway, check out the cool new goods, and enjoy the high horsepower eye candy. You know we did!

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