Video: Old Or New, Mopars At The Strip Has The Right HEMI For You

There’s some key words that immediately come to mind when one thinks of Mopars; it could be names like Charger, Road Runner, Super Bee, Dart or ‘Cuda, but frankly, the one thing that springs to most people’s mind is the most famous four-letter word in muscle cardom: HEMI.

That hemispherical-headed legend burst on the scene a second time around in 1963 in select ’64 model Dodges and Plymouths, and despite some crying and bellyaching from its competitors in some racing organizations, the HEMI proceeded to stomp its way to number one.

The giant plant today is the stuff of lore, absurdly expensive to most, and nearly to big to fit between the fenderwells of a few of Chrysler’s own passenger cars, the 426 HEMI continues on today, but necessarily as its always been.

The newly minted third generation of HEMIs are surprisingly as potent as their predecessors, providing exceptional top end flow numbers, a hemispherical cylinder head chamber, opposing valves, and plenty of horsepower and torque on tap. Available in far more cars than the prior second generation 426 HEMIs, today’s plants are quickly becoming so commonplace that they’re finding their way beneath classic Mopar hoods and on display stands at some of today’s best engine builders.

This video includes a stop over at INDY Cylinder Heads as well as a chat with Matt Deane at Glendora Dodge to check out the latest in 2nd and 3rd Generation HEMIs. If you love the elephant motor as much as we do, you need to check out this video.

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