Ernie Ricard’s 1939 International D-30/1934 Ford Custom Build

We found an amazing custom build with an international flair from our neighbors to the north in Alberta, Canada. This combination custom International D30/Ford Pickup must be seen to be believed. Read More


Grocery Getter: Aussie Scott Sharpe’s Big-Block Valiant Wagon

Australian Scott Sharpe turned this Valiant wagon on its head, purchasing the car online and transforming it into a big-block Mopar-powered brawler fit for street or track duty. Read More


Home-Built Hero: Bill Pewterbaugh’s ’68 Chevelle SS

After 43 years of owning this Chevelle, some might think that Bill Pewterbaugh is afraid of change. That couldn't be farther from the truth, he just knows when something is worth keeping around for the long haul. Read More

CS1160 Front

TECH5: Insight Into Timing Gear Sets With Nornda

This week we had the opportunity to sit down with Marty Staggs, the U.S. representative of Norada. Today's topic is the focused on timing components and different ways to dial in your timing. Read More


BreaElla: An International Diamond Found In The Desert

Trevor Williams brought his 1955 Chevy truck from Canada to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend to show it off. Built with subtle changes that differ from a stock truck, it's hard to tell the differences. Read More


Detroit Speed Builds a Super-Musclecar Out Of This ’70 Chevelle

When Detroit Speed built this sinister black 1970 Chevelle for a customer, they decided to build a car that checked all the boxes for performance and desirability. Read More


Terry Yiengst’s Show-Stopping 1977 Z28 Camaro

Terry Yiengst has owned this 1977 Z28 Camaro since 1979! He has taken great care of it and has never modified it. The car has never been used as more than a toy, and its present condition clearly reflects that care. Read More

photo 4 26_zpse2oie3g1

Rob Wade’s ’65 Chevy II Defines The Term Powerful Perseverance

This potent Chevy II Nova SS is quite capable of cutting some serious e.t.'s on the track, but owner Rob Wade explains he had the perseverance to build this car for much more, and enjoys driving it on the street. Read More


Home-Built Hero: Carl Noels’ Show-Stopping ’69 Camaro

As iconic as the '69 Camaro is, there really is no incorrect way to rebuild one. Take for instance this restomodded gem. While the body of the car is mostly stock, it's the upgrades that will blow your mind. Read More


TCI’s ’63 Nova: Hugging Corners And Slaying Cones

When you build a car that has sentimental value, its worth goes far beyond what you put into it. These kinds of cars hold a special place in your heart and can serve as a nostalgic reminder of what once was. Read More


Muscle Cars You Should Know: Buick Grand National and GNX

In the 1980s Buick devised a rather unconventional way to go fast. While the GNX differed from tradition, it proved to be a formidable street machine. Read More


Rick Jones Slows Things Down With Modernized ’49 Chevy Pickup

Rick Jones Race Cars and Quarter-Max have outfitted many of their drag race-proven parts on a custom 1949 Chevrolet pickup that serves as Jones' joyride machine, with a ride quality "as good as a new truck". Read More


Hot Rods You Should Know: Billy Gibbons’ 1933 Ford “Eliminator”

ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons is no stranger to the automotive world with a car collection like no other – but none is more famous than his 1933 Ford coupe known as Eliminator, frequent Rock and Roll HOF visitor. Read More


We Follow Along As Larry Dixon Builds An LT4-Powered ’66 Nova

How many of us have put our cars in storage to pursue our careers? Larry Dixon did just that many years ago. Now, he has the opportunity to enjoy his classic Nova once again. Find out what's in store. Read More

Wilcox-1952 Ford F1 (32)

Hot Tamale, The Red Hot 1952 Ford F1

Tres Wilcox restored and perfected a 1952 Ford F1 pickup, painted it red hot, and showed it off at Viva Las Vegas this year. Of course, we had to grab pictures and get more details from the builder! Read More


This Viper-Equipped Barracuda Has Evolved Into The Perfect Beast

When Gil Haas set out to enter the Street Machine of the Year contest he brought out the big guns with his 1971 Barracuda. The blown Gen III Hemi brings the power, while the Viper ACR suspension swallows the curves. Read More

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