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Professional Tips To Help You Choose A Restoration Shop

Choosing a restoration shop can be a daunting task. To help you decide, we asked a couple of professional restoration experts how you can avoid problems when looking for someone to help you with your dream car.Read More


Chassis Geometry 101: Engineering Speed

The geometry of chassis design and suspension movement dictate the handling characteristics of a car. We delve into some of the key concepts and designs. Read More


Why Choose Bed Wood When Replacing Your Truck Bed?

We tracked down the folks at Bed Wood and Parts to find out why so many restored trucks are using its products. Owner Jeff Major clued us in on the details.Read More


Ask The Experts: What is a Street Rod?

In the automotive hobby, there are terms that are thrown around loosely to describe a whole genre of rods. We wanted to know exactly what a street rod was, so we asked the experts at the NSRA.Read More


A Look at Our Favorite Cheats in Motorsports

Cheating in motorsports takes many different forms, aerodynamics, fuel, tires, engines and many other avenues offer devious racers the opportunity to bend the rules. We cover 10 of the best examples. Read More


What Is A Sleeper? We Ask The TV Car Show Experts For Their Opinions

What is a sleeper? The debate has been on for decades, and will continue for decades more. We decided to ask five TV experts what they think; you've seen them on the weekend shows, and here's that they have to say.Read More


Going Once, Going Twice – How To Sell Your Car At Auction

If you have ever wondered about selling a car at an auction and what you should do to prepare to sell your car at an auction - we have an expert's advice on what to do. Get the details here.Read More


Icon Steve Stanford Preps For Debut Exhibit At The Petersen Museum

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with automotive artist, Steve Stanford. He shared some of his insights over lunch. All this in lieu of his momentous debut at the Petersen Museum on August 23rd.Read More


6 Tips For Oiling Hot Rods, Driven Racing Oil And Lucas Oil Share

Driven Racing Oil and Lucas Oil share 6 tips for oiling your hot rod or street rod. Which viscosity should you use? How often should you change the oil in your street rod? Get in here to see and learn more! Read More

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5 Questions With Classic Industries’ Jeff Leonard

Classic Industries has made a name supplying parts for the muscle car marketplace. We had the chance to get answers to five questions from founder and CEO Jeff Leonard. See what he had to say here. Read More

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History of Automotive Arc Welding Through Lincoln Electric

The history of Lincoln Electric and Arc Welding in all forms is rooted and tied directly to advancements in automotive technology. We dive deep to uncover the history past, present, and future. Check it out here!Read More


Coker Tire: Corky Coker Talks Vintage Tires with Rod Authority

Tires; everyone buys them and every classic automobile wears them, but do you know the dos and don’ts of maintaining, running and storing your classic collector car atop factory shoes? Well, lucky for you, we turned Corky Coker to get the inside scoop - check it out here!Read More


Intro To TIG Welding With The Pros At Lincoln Electric

We take a look at what beginners should know about TIG welding. The pros at Lincoln Electric give us an inside look at the proper equipment, safety, and tips and tricks to get any first-timer ready to go.Read More