Babe of the Month: Diana Grant


A true beauty and a car nut at that, Diana Grant loves cars that are classy and good for the environment. Not surprisingly, when you don’t find her working on her acting career, she’s out hiking the California hills with her dogs. Gorgeous, a gearhead and environmentally friendly – what more could we ask for in this month’s, Babe of the Month?

A true beauty that's into cars will never go unnoticed in our book. That's what makes this month's Babe of the Month Diana Grant such an appealing subject. Images: Ray Gutierrez

A true beauty that’s into cars will never go unnoticed in our book. That’s what makes this month’s Babe of the Month Diana Grant such an appealing subject. Images: Ray Gutierrez

A coastal-loving gal, Diana was born in Florida but now resides in the Golden State of California. A commercial actress by trade, Diana loves meeting new people and seeing new places. She also likes posing for the camera and if you give this girl a few seconds to prep, she’ll have you on your toes creating gorgeous shots with phenomenal cars.

For this month’s shoot, we turned to American Racing to work with Diana and their photographer Ray Gutierrez, who created classic car imagery with the beautiful redhead – the first vehicle of choice being Jeff Proud’s ‘32 Ford pickup.


More than meets the eye, this '32 Ford pickup also sports a 4-inch drop chrome axle, Ford 9-inch rearend and a Z'ed frame.

Chopped with a custom frame, this small-block-wielding, 3 deuce carb-wearing, suede black ride makes for the perfect backdrop for the vintage inspired Diana, who works her curves and vibrant red hair like a pro. Of course, standing next to such a fine ride atop American Racing Salt Flat wheels with satin black centers and polished outers doesn’t ever hurt the situation!


Stunning in beauty and demeanor, Diana can only be accentuated by a killer ride, like this 1965 Impala. Owned by Jeffery Hess, this custom car features several body modifications, from the custom billet grille to the oval taillights. Topped with a custom leather and suede interior, this big-block beauty couldn’t get any hotter, that is, without Diana standing along side.

With sky-high legs, you may have guessed that Diana classifies herself as an athletic chick, telling us she loves hiking with her dogs, one of which is a pit bull puppy she recently rescued from a shelter.

“I love hiking with my dogs and can’t think of a better way to spend my day than outdoors with my pups,” Diana told us. “I literally go hiking every day.”

DSC_4227When she’s not hiking and enjoying the outdoors, Diana is still conscious of her environmental footprint. “I love cars that make a statement for the environment,” she said. “I like cars that get us moving away from foreign dependence on oil. I am one of those people who believes we should be thinking of the planet in all we do.”

So what is Diana doing when she’s not taking on environmental issues? Well, she’s hard at work pursuing her dreams as an actress.

“I see myself as an actress for the rest of my life and hope to be on a television show as a regular in the next five years,” she explained. “I have a passion for movies (like Gattaca, Breakfast Club at Tiffany’s, and Splendor in the Grass to name a few). I hope to one day be acting in a movie that other people find speaks to them.”

Chopped trucks, classic Chevys and vintage Tri-Fives, Diana doesn't discriminate. After all, every car has its beautiful features and Diana certainly adds to the appeal of every car pictured. This particular '55 Chevy wears American Racing Torq Thrust 17-inch satin black wheels.

While Diana is certainly the kind of girl to pick up acting parts and turn heads on the street, one of her best traits is her down-to-earth personality and grip on what’s important in life. “ I think being an honest and good person is more important than being good looking,” she explained. “I find integrity very attractive in a mate.”

Not only is this ideal very attractive, it will most certainly gift Diana with a truly spectacular life in the future.

Want to know more about our gorgeous Babe of the Month? Well, lucky for you, she stuck around and answered a few more questions for us:


With a killer figure like hers, you may not expect Diana to be one to indulge in a lot of junk food, but she tells us that on occasions she likes to go wine tasting in Solvang and enjoys the quaint town where you can find “the best bakeries around.”

Babe of the Month Bio

Name: Diana Grant
Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Hair/Eyes: Hazel eyes
Height: 5’7″
Occupation: Actress
Career Goals: I’m a working commercial actress and hope to continue booking great national commercials
Likes: Hiking the hills with my dog Oliver, cooking healthy and delicious meals, drinking wine, and being with my family
Dislikes: Superficial people
Hobbies: I love being outdoors, being active and being in the California sun or on a boat in the Florida sun!
Favorite Vacation Taken So Far: Antigua was amazing! I love being on a beach in a bikini and soaking up that vitamin D!
Dream Vacation: Fiji! I can’t wait to go and stay in one of those huts where you jump off your balcony into the water.
Typical Weekend: Hiking with my dog during the day and drinking wine while relaxing and hanging out with friends at night.
One Thing You Can’t Live Without: My dog
Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Altruistic, Creative, Sensitive
Dream Car: Tesla Roadster – It’s fully electric and s
o bad ass!
What You Want Out Of Life (In Ten Words or Less): I want to travel the world. I love life and love meeting new people!

Special thanks goes out to American Racing, Ray Gutierrez, and Diana Grant for this month’s killer Babe of the Month shoot. Stay tuned for even more gorgeous gals and sleek rides in the near future!


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