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We spotted Ms. Emily Sherer a few years ago, gracing the halls of SEMA. Her bright red hair and bubbly personality caught our attention and we knew that someday we had to get her in for a photo shoot. Emily is no stranger to modeling in the automotive world either; she has graced the cover of Ol’ Skool Rodz magazine and been on the cover of the 2012 Moon Eyes catalog. 

She’s more than a pretty face though; Emily is a gear head as well, spending a lot of her free time at shows all over Southern California. If she’s not under the hood helping somebody wrench on their car, then she’s at shows modeling or shooting cars herself. She’s somebody that lives and breathes cars and we dig that. “I always see myself doing something automotive related, it’s a field that will never stop growing and changing,” says Emily. Having been in this industry so long, we are sure that we will see more of Emily in the future. 

Her dream car is a 1955 Chevrolet Nomad, complete with a black paint job. Pearl white is her choice of color to adorn the inside with some classy teal pin striping around the outside. We can easily imagine her red hair blowing through the window while she cruises down historic Route 66 with her dog sitting shot gun. 

Emily is a true professional, changing poses and looks with ease. We could tell that she does this regularly, which made our job easy. That is, if you call snapping pictures of a beautiful woman a job. 

A Green Dress And A Blue Coupe

The 1932 Ford that Emily is seen with is owned by Johnny Angelo. He has owned the car for over 40 years, restoring the car almost 20 years ago. This is an original 1932 steel body as well-there’s no fiberglass or aftermarket steel in this ride. Sporting a small block Chevy, this car scoots down the road with ease. Johnny enjoys taking the car to local car cruises and grabbing his wife to head to the local burger joint. 

With the dark blue coupe as her backdrop, the bright green dress pops along with Emily’s bright red hair. Gracefully maneuvering around the ’32, she looked right at home, ready to drive off. Emily really enjoyed hopping in and out of the car, especially at having the chance to sit in the rumble seat. 

Black Leather and Chrome

The 1969 “Deathproof” Nova is owned by John Calvert. This Nova is still under construction, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t catch our eye. With a complete aftermarket Pro Touring suspension under the car, the Nova can handle the corners with the best of them. Powered by a potent small-block Chevy, this car can light up the tires and move this car in a hurry.

Emily is a big fan of the Deathproof movie and was very excited to be able to model with it. Adorning black leather pants, high heels and a corset, she fit the part perfectly. With looks that could kill, Emily posed with the satin black Nova. The entire time her eyes had a serious tone, setting the mood of the car. But with her bubbly personality, she was telling jokes and kept us on our toes. 

We asked Emily if she could drive one of the cars, which one would she choose. “Well I really love the hot rods, but in this case I would love to mash the throttle on the Nova!” 

Name: Emily Sherer

Hometown: Orange County, CA.

Hair/Eyes: Red/Hazel

Height: 5′-7″

Occupation: Freelance Model, and Photo Technician

Career goals: “I enjoy modeling in the automotive industry. My hopes are to secure a solid position in the field of advertising and marketing to become a permanent fixture in the who’s who and what’s what of anything with an engine. I always see myself doing something automotive related, it’s a field that will never stop growing and changing.”

Likes: “Unlike most girls I like my long walks on a dry lake bed during land speed races. I also love warm nights with the smell of race fuel and burnt rubber in the air. I’m a big animal lover, taking my 110 pound Catahoula with me nearly everywhere I go.”

Dislikes: “People who don’t like animals and the increasing legislation against hot rodding as well as the closure of drag strips in California. It’s really a bummer seeing the industry I’ve grown up in get attacked constantly from environmentalists who support cars like the Prius, but don’t realize the amount of waste and pollution that’s a result of the ‘eco friendly’ cars battery production.”

Hobbies: “I enjoy going to car shows and traveling since there’s always plenty of interesting people to meet. I love photography and spend a lot of time taking pictures of cars along with working on them. I’m a do-it-yourself kinda gal, I love getting dirt on my jeans and grease under my fingernails.”

Favorite Vacation Taken So Far: “That would have to be the road trip I went on the year I graduated high school. That was the same year the movie Cars came out and my dad and I drove along Route 66 through parts of Nevada and Arizona visiting all the quaint little towns along the way. There was so much history in every town we stopped in.”

Dream Vacation: “A trip to Australia would be amazing! Aside from all the fun ocean activities, they have jet boat river races, and an ever growing car scene.”

Typical Weekend: “I feel like a broken record, but if I don’t take my dog on an adventure, or have to work, I’m usually at a car event or coordinating a photoshoot for something with wheels!”

One Thing You Can’t Live Without: “Milk! It does a body good!”

Dream Car: 1955 Nomad, black with pearl white interior and simple teal pinstripe accents.

What You Want Out Of Life (In Ten Words or Less): “A history of adventures with awesome people that I can proudly share with my future children.”

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