Babe of the Month: Sexy Mrs. Santa and Her Pinup Helpers

With Christmas right around the corner we thought you might enjoy a little something extra to get you in the holiday spirit. We actually contemplated taking a trip up to the frigid North Pole to find out what was happening around the big guy’s workshop and we were going to ask him for a sexy lady to wrap up, but as we were making travel plans we received an urgent phone call. It was Natasha, Santa’s little helper elf telling us Santa grabbed Mrs. Claus, the Snow Queen and herself and headed to Nashville for a little relaxation before the big day. Just the tip we needed to head out on a hunt for the big guy.

We searched everywhere around Music City to find the big jolly guy. Just when we were about to give up we drove by a little place we figured would be the perfect place to hide. Santa’s Pub is a small little trailer that has been converted to a cool bar which is located just south of downtown Nashville. This is the kind of place musicians come to jam and locals sing a little karaoke.

As we looked around we didn’t see any reindeer or sleigh in sight. But when we walked in, boom – Santa was sitting at the bar with the Mrs. enjoying a drink and some tunes before the big day. We asked Santa how he got to Nashville without his sleigh and Santa’s reply actually made a lot of sense. “I borrowed my friends 1950 Series 62 Cadillac Sedan Deville so I wouldn’t be noticed…” well we aren’t sure if driving a bright red flamed out Caddy is that inconspicuous or not, but it sure is a cool way to get around. All these years and we never knew Santa had a hot rodding rockabilly side, but from the look of Mrs. Claus and the helpers, now we understand why we can’t find him all year long.

It doesn't seem to bother these sexy gals that they are on the naughty list and to be completely honest, it looks like that's the list that has the most fun anyway.

Have you ever wondered why you can never find Santa the rest of the year? Now you may know the answer.

The first helper we noticed was the Snow Queen or “100lbs of Fury” as Santa likes to call her. Nikki Burgess (pictured in white) is little ball of fun from the Nashville area. She describes herself as a very simple country girl who loves her “super rad” kids. She told us her Mom was the classiest and most stylish lady she has ever known. “I just tried to look like her. Then one day someone told me I looked like a pinup, much to my surprise. The music and style was normal to me. I never knew it was a lifestyle.” Nikki mentioned. She loves custom choppers and her ultimate car would be a 1955 two door post Chevy. Fiery and feisty, this hot little tattooed Snow Queen would probably be better at melting the snow than actually creating any.

Normally when you think of Santa’s helper elves you sure don’t imagine meeting a 6-foot sexy and voluptuous redhead. Natasha Blankenship (dressed in green) aka Natacha also lives in Nashville where she is an operations trainer for a computer company. She has a big heart for her Rottweiler Keba and pit-bull Humphrey. Last November she won a pinup contest held by Bombs Over Betty called Pinups for Pit Bulls. She told us, “I wanted to participate because of the cause to bring awareness for the breed. I was really surprised that I won.” Natasha hopes one day she will be able to cruise down the road’s of Nashville in a ’69 Shelby Cobra.

Nikki and Natasha are wicked sexy and absolutely love getting dolled up to show off at pinup shows.

And now we turn our attention to Mrs. Santa or as she is better known, Shannon Million. Shannon can’t help herself from sitting on Santa’s lap as he scrolls through his list to be sure to take note of all the naughty people, and then makes sure she pays each one a special visit. All you have to do is spend a little time with her to learn she is definitely not your average pinup model posing in front of the camera.

 Some might get a little intimidated being around a woman that pours confidence out of every inch of her body, but not us. Reminiscent of the early days of pinups such as Betty Page, Shannon knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. However, she is much more than a curvaceous body. Shannon has been highly educated attending the University of Texas at Austin, Boston University as well as spending a bit of time at Oxford. She uses all she has learned to propel herself to where she wants to be.

Currently residing in Nashville, she tells us, “I came to Nashville for music, love and entertainment. The best people in the world are here. Nashville has been really good to me.” And after learning more about this pinup vixen we can see why she loves it here. She has taken her talents higher than she ever thought possible.

Shannon has competed in many pinup and burlesque shows around the country, winning many titles and competitions. In 2011 she was named the Nashville correspondent for Pin-Up America Magazine and she is currently traveling the world to rockabilly, burlesque and pinup events interviewing and documenting them for the magazine. Thankfully, she was able to slow down and spend some time with Santa–and us too, of course.

From our point of view it looks like Santa knows the best way to keep warm up at the North Pole.

A Bottle of Shannon's wine, two or three of Santa's helpers and you are sure to have a good time on Christmas.

Recently Shannon had the honor of competing in the Nashville RAWards. RAW is a massive body of underground up and coming artists from around the country. Each major city has a large network of thousands of people ranging from musicians to clothing design. Miss Million performed an incredible burlesque routine which won her the title of Performing Artist of the year. By reaching beyond the borders she is helping to take this art to a whole new level.

This bombshell doesn’t take her responsibilities lightly either. Shannon has been personally responsible for helping dozens of other girls get started in their careers as well. She is more than willing to educate them on how to do the right thing and introduce them to the right people. But when it’s time to have fun, she is the life of the party and can get the crowd on their feet with her sultry moves and enticing pinup styles.

Shannon loves Nashville and the city really loves her. She has embraced all this place has to offer.

You would think with all of this going for her, Shannon might be satisfied, but no, not this lovely lady. She even has her own wine label called Million $ Eyeful from Sort This Out Cellars in California. If you are in to wine, this is some of the smoothest, medium bodied Cabernet Sauvignon we’ve ever experienced. Who wouldn’t want a bottle of wine with a scantily clad pinup on the label for Christmas?

When we asked what she wants to pursue next, with a little giggle she said, “I want to play a dead body on CSI and have them move me to the morgue where I will be that naked body on the cold slab.” She also would like to try out for Saturday Night Live for a recurring role and help write some of the scripts. As you can see, nothing is going to slow this one down!

Looks like our Rockabilly Santa had a little bit too much fun and these girls got the best of him.

One thing Shannon absolutely loves is the hot rodders and their cars. According to her, “They are the people who have a love for classic coolness. That’s what hot rods and the Kustom Kulture is all about. The dudes driving the hot rods are the real ones with swagger.” Miss Million is one that has no shortage of fun words and we could probably sit here all night listening to her talk.

However, before we are totally under her spell we figured we better let her get back to Santa so she can finish getting that naughty list together. As we packed our gear and started to head out we realized we had an impostor Santa and Rockabilly Santa was only standing in while the big man himself had been inside the bar the whole time serving drinks with some Christmas spirit. The “Real Santa” can be found right here at Santa’s Pub all year long.

After all the fun we had with Shannon, Nikki and Natasha we learned that the Real Santa had been hiding in the bar. Next time you are in Nashville be sure to visit Santa's Pub and you too can meet Santa and maybe be able to hang out with a few of his sexy little helpers.

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