Our Babe Of The Month: The Lovely Bianca Cardoza And Two Classics

Whew…October is finally here, and it’s been fun introducing a new babe of the month each turn of the calendar page here on Rod Authority. We really enjoy the interviews and getting to know the girls up close, so we are looking to expand our Babe Of The Month page and add more behind the scene videos of our photo shoots along with live interviews with our models. If you’ve liked it so far … Stay tuned, because you’re going to love what we have in store for you next!


This month, our Babe of The Month is the lovely Bianca Cardoza. Bianca is featured here with two classic beauties; a traditional 1932 Ford coupe owned by Sam Shoenberg, and the iconic Hirohata Merc convertible owned by Bob Hovik.


We had seen photos of Bianca in a Stop Staring catalog, and instantly knew we had to work together. It took us a while to get our schedules to mesh, but we finally made it happen. Bianca is currently featured in the Mitzi and Co. 2017 calendar as Miss September, and she is a true delight to work with.

California born and raised, this blonde-hair, blue-eyed pinup loves living life in Southern California. She spends her days as a tour guide in Hollywood, sharing stories and secrets of the hidden gems around the city of angels. She also enjoys everything about the pinup lifestyle, including spending her free time renovating her home with a mix of mid-century modern and retro-style accouterments.  Throw on a classic tune and watch this bubbly blonde hit the dance floor ready to swing dance and have fun all night!


Miss Bianca’s Specs:

Hometown: Born in Hollywood, but grew up in Eagle Rock. One of the few Los Angeles natives!

Current Residence: North Hollywood

BabeHair Color and eyes: Blonde and Blue eyes.

Height: 5-feet 9-inches

Ethnicity: Spanish, Russsian, European, maybe even more than I know, I am pretty much a mix, but who isn’t?

Occupation: Tour guide, showing visitors the secrets of Los Angeles and Hollywood. It is always fun seeing how excited people get when touring one of the most famous cities in the world. Being from here, I know a few hidden gems around town.

Career goals: Never to be bored in life or work and to always do something I enjoy. As a guide, not only do I show others this wonderful city, but I get a nice workout hiking and walking. It’s never boring, meeting new people from different parts of the world, and sometimes even celebrities. Plus I get to work on my jokes with every new tour group.


Likes: Swing dancing, Pokemon Go, my cats, and hanging out joking around with my closest friends. I’m about to get a new baby munchkin kitten, and I am beyond excited! Also, mozzarella sticks. And a good eye liner too!

Dislikes: Vegetables, but certainly negative and selfish people.

Hobbies: I have been renovating my home, and I have come to enjoy designing it. I have a mix of mid-century and retro style going on. Everything blends so nicely. I’m very proud of my interior designing skills. I’m quite the arts and crafter too.

Favorite part about pinup modeling: Trying on new clothes! But I always enjoy feeling like the classic pin up models, with the hair, makeup and classic cars. Their look is beautiful without a doubt. The sets are lively and colorful. Who doesn’t love a vintage outfit as well? Plus it always makes me feel that I am part of some of my favorite classic eras.

Describe yourself in three words: Funny, friendly, witty.

Favorite vacation: Chicago, getting to visit family and seeing a whole different city outside of California. It was cold, very cold, which is something unusual for SoCal. So it was lots of fun being able to experience a whole different climate. I was able to enjoy a swing dancing event with folks from the town, and my family joined in as well. It was nice to dress up and see some great dancing and of course there was lots of great food.

Dream vacation: The Madonna Inn. All those rooms full of vintage furniture, it is kitchy, very 1950’s. It can be a romantic gateway too. I do have a busy schedule, so it would be a nice location that is far enough to feel like a real vacation, but not too far away.

What do you love most about living in California: Besides the weather? There is always something exciting to do! From swing dancing, to amusement parks, hiking by the beach, and of course my family, cats, and friends. California has a lot to offer, and there is still much I have yet to do. But any chance I get, I gladly enjoy discovering new things too.

Favorite Classic Car: I admire and desire any beautiful classic car. How could I pick just one?

Your driving in a convertible. Are you a top up or top down kinda gal? Top up. I spend too much time on my hair.

Your on a long road trip, do you put the peddle to the metal or just let it cruise? Guilty. Peddle to the medal!

If you could go to any car show where would it be and why? I prefer car shows close to home. It’s easier to network.

Favorite type of food: Classic American diner food.

Favorite restaurants in L.A.: The Coral Cafe, Burbank. Whatever you’re craving, they got it!

Favorite drink: Cherry coke (no surprise).

Favorite dive bar: Joe’s Great American Bar and Grill, Burbank

On the rocks or straight up: On the rocks.

Is there such a thing as dream tour-guide job? Yes, the kind where everybody gives you a good tip!

What was your favorite part about shooting with the Hirohata Merc convertible? Most people only get to enjoy this car in magazines, I had the privilege of viewing it in person.

What was your favorite part of the car? The sound of that engine! You can’t hear that it pictures.

If you could take the Hirohata on a cruise where would you take it? Out of the city and into the open air.

Where can we see some of your modeling work? I’ve been modeling for quite a few years now, there’s probably pictures out there that I haven’t even seen yet. If you find any let me know!

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