Planes, Dames & Automobiles: The Active and Alluring Tancy Marie

TancyMarie03Vivacious and voluptuous, our latest automotive babe is one for the books. A full-time model with titles like 2012 Playboy Emerald Eyes, 2012 Playboy Cat Eyes and 2013 Southern Vixens cover girl, Ms. Tancy Marie is much more than just a full-time model from Southern Florida; she’s a red hot car girl with luxurious tastes. Can you blame her?

TancyMarie05Starting out as a model for Budweiser, Tancy Marie has come leaps and bounds over the last few years, being published in several nation-wide publications with shoots done all over the world. But when she’s not on the job, she enjoys what many gals do- shopping, traveling and doing fitness activities.

On the weekends, it’s typically work as usual for Tancy, but she also gets to spend time cooking and working out, which she enjoys immensely.

No matter where she is, Tancy admittedly can’t live without her phone.

A real self-starter with a superior work ethic, Tancy describes herself as naturally determined and a real go-getter, as well as sexy, obviously. She’s definitely a girl who knows what she wants and will go to great lengths to get it.

Eventually, she’d love to own a studio of her own.

Loving her job as a full-time model thus far, Tancy sees herself continue to work hard both as a model and as a licensed hair and makeup artist in the coming years, as well as travel and learn as much as she can from life. Eventually, she’d like to be settled down with the man of her dreams with a large beach-front home and a boat to play around on on the weekends. She also wouldn’t mind having a pink Lamborghini in her garage down the line, but for now, her daily driver, a Lexus IS250, is plenty peppy for her.

“Dream big,” Tancy told us.


TancyMarie10Gracing Tancy in this latest photo shoot by David Slaughter is a 1972 Dodge Charger Rallye, a true American classic just as beautiful as the model at its side.

Owned by Robin Dobbins of Deer Park, Texas, this vintage beauty is mostly-original. It features a 340ci engine factory-rated at 275hp and a 727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission, as well as a “cruiser” rearend with 2.94 gears (which replaced the 3.91 gears) and power front disc brakes. The engine is supported by an Edelbrock 4-barrel carburetor as well as a large “stock-looking” radiator from Griffen, keeping everything nice and cool even in the Texas summer heat.

The car also features iconic Petty Blue paint, a favorite of Dobbins’, rare factory AC and unique 2-piece chrome Rallye wheels.

Though Dobbins has only had the car for about a year, he describes himself as a true Mopar fan. In fact, he’s owned a couple of Mopars in his day, including a ’69 Road Runner and a ’71 Challenger 426 HEMI.

“I love these cars,” Dobbins told us in a recent phone conversation.

As just the third owner of the car, Dobbins hopes to keep his Charger pretty close to how the factory intended, minus a few additions. Since purchasing the car, he’s added machine gun tailpipe tips, which add to the superior exhaust note of the car at idle, Dobbins explained, the chrome Rallye wheels and Charger-embroidered floor mats to both the front and rear of the car. In the future, Dobbins is looking to have his engine rebuilt into an old-school 340 Six Pack good for over 500hp.

TancyMarie02Since our photo shoot took place, the car has been equipped with a rear decklid spoiler and front spoilers to give it a little more oomph in the design department. The car is also set to get factory date-coded components like spark plug wires and fan belts in the near future.

TancyMarie08Though Dobbins is turning back the clock on his Charger to take to shows, he told us it isn’t a show queen. In fact, Dobbins drives the car every day and prides himself on the extra work it takes to drive his car all week and then get it show-ready on the weekends. Telling of Dobbins dedication, the car has won first place in all four judged shows its been entered into in the last year. Dobbins also explained this was all possible thanks to his loving wife Janel’s dedication to and support of his car passion.

When asked if this was his only sweet ride in the garage, Dobbins told us, “I’m a one-woman guy, so that makes me a one-car guy.” Certainly not a bad thing when it comes to him fully enjoying his car or his marriage!

So what is Tancy’s favorite part of the automotive industry? Well, she tells us that she really enjoys modeling next to all the unique “sexy fast” vehicles she gets to. She also likes unique wheels and tires when it comes to accessories.

A true go-getter, and an attractive one at that, Tancy Marie is one fine addition to our showcase of automotive models. Of course, Dobbin’s Charger didn’t disappoint either. We certainly couldn’t have asked for a better pair!

TancyMarie04Model Bio

Name: Tancy Marie

Hometown: South FL. Born in Houston, TX

Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Green Cat Eyes

Height: 5’4”

Occupation: Full-time Model/ licensed hair and makeup artist Career Goals: To be a studio owner

Likes: Shopping, traveling, skating, working out

Dislikes: Liars and smokers

Hobbies: Shopping, traveling, fitness activities

Favorite Vacation Taken So Far: Hawaii

Dream Vacation: Italy

Typical weekend: Working out, doing modeling events, shopping

One Thing You Can’t Live Without: My phone! LOL!

Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Determined, sexy and a go-getter

Current Car: Lexus IS250

Dream Car: Pink Lambo

What do you love most about the car scene: Modeling with them. Also wheels and tires.

What You Want Out Of Life : I want to be married to the man of my dreams and own a boat, and live in a big nice house on the water. Dream Big!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years; 10 years: I see myself working hard and enjoying life; traveling and learning lots from life. Married and happily ever after!

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you: I love my cat Sweet Pee.

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