This ’70 Chevelle Is The Ultimate Prize, And You Could Win It!


We all have our opinions about how great the ’70s were – or were not – for whatever reason. But, if you’re a car guy, the early ’70s were a high watermark for muscle cars. Case in point, just with the Chevelle offerings, horsepower reigned supreme.

In fact, Chevrolet created a monster of a muscle car in 1970, when the redesigned big-block-powered Chevelle Super Sport hit the show room floors. There is no denying that the LS6-infused machines was the ultimate in street muscle for the start of an iconic decade that would quickly see the end of the original muscle car era. Today, the 1970 SS Chevelle is a true testament to the days when the phrase, “There’s no replacement for displacement,” was the credo that manufacturers lived by. The folks at Dream Giveaway acknowledge that, and have a great sweepstakes that I have to tell you about.


It doesn’t get any more factory appearing than the 396 big-block under the hood.

The SS Chevelle is a true collectible, and not only roams the highways of this great country, it owns them. Trying to find a decent example to restore is nearly impossible, and primo examples can cost as much as a nice house. But, what would you say if I told you that you can own this one for the insanely awesome sum of $3.00. You heard that correctly, I said three bucks! I can say that, because it only takes the purchase of one sweepstakes ticket to win. But, what exactly makes up this DNA of this gorgeous car?

It Can Be Yours

The sweepstakes winner will get a Chevelle that was first ordered in 1970 by someone at Brennecke Chevrolet in Jackson, Missouri. While the 1970 Chevelle SS had multiple engine options available to buyers, this one utilizes the 350-horsepower 396 cubic-inch legend. Behind that is a Muncie four-speed. Rounding out the drivetrain is a 12-bolt Positraction rearend. The  Chevelle SS represented Chevrolet’s entry into the mid-size muscle car battle very well. Inside, niceties like bucket seats, a console, and Vintage Air A/C unit pleasantly greets passengers. The interior is the epitome of ‘70s comfort and functionality.

Underneath, the car features the F41 performance suspension, power steering and brakes, and reproduction F70-14 Goodyear rubber. During the frame-off restoration, the Chevelle was slathered with a jet-black paint job with SS stripes. With the help of parts from Original Parts Group, this 1970 SS396 Chevelle is quite possibly, the most-correct restoration I’ve seen. “The only add-on to the car is the Vintage Air kit,” Christopher Phillip told us. “Other than that, the car is completely stock.” The Chevelle screams muscle, and exudes coolness beyond belief.


Getting Behind The Wheel

When I arrived at the Dream Giveaway headquarters to take photos of the car, I was more than pleasantly surprised when Christopher handed me the keys with the statement, “she’s got gas in the tank, and have fun.” It’s not often that I get someone naïve enough, err, I mean nice enough to throw me the keys to anything other than a rental car with a lot of insurance.

She’s got gas in the tank, and have fun. – Christopher Phillip, Dream Giveaway

A quick pump of the throttle, and the big-block easily came to life. There was no sputtering, no overly rich condition that burned my eyes while the engine idled. All I noticed was a willingness to give me an enjoyable ride. As I said earlier, this Chevelle has been treated to a near-perfect restoration, so I didn’t expect a car that featured an idle rough enough to make any Pro Stocker proud, or enough of a “pop” through the exhaust to signify more compression than full-on, race-prepped ZL1. What I did expect was a very manageable muscle car idle and an exhaust note that was pleasant. I paused for a moment simply to listen to the sound of muscle. To say the Chevelle did not disappoint is an understatement.

The engine sounded the way a finely-tuned big-block should. It was throaty, it wanted to go, and I was not one to deny. As I eased out on the clutch and started enjoying the drive around the area of Largo and St. Petersburg, Florida, I was more than impressed. Driving the car was effortless. Sure, I had to shift gears manually, but that’s a huge plus in my book. As far as the clutch pedal feel, I couldn’t ask for it to be any nicer – and Christopher told me it’s still mechanical.

The power steering was as nice as any late-model car, and the air conditioning? I guess it works. I was driving the car around the Tampa Bay area in Florida, in November. Do you really think the windows were up and the A/C was on? Think again.

The car does feature a set of performance mufflers, so the exhaust note is noticeable while cruising. But, not to a droning level that would warrant concern. While driving the car across the water-lined Causeway, I got the impression it probably had a set of 3.42 gears in the 12-bolt. Acceleration was as expected for a car with this engine/transmission/rearend combination. The more I drove, the more I felt this could undoubtedly be one of the nicest driving ’70 Chevelles I have ever had the pleasure of piloting. Although I wouldn’t recommend it, this Chevelle drives as nice as any daily driver you could want.

As I contemplated whether or not to actually return the car, I pulled into the driveway, and sat there with the engine running. Yes, turning around crossed my mind. I might have brought it back, but there was still time to change my mind, hit reverse, and take another lap around the bay. This car is that nice. Instead, I turned the key counter-clockwise and called it a day.

Photo gallery


So, once again, the folks at Dream Giveaway are going to make one sweepstakes winner very happy. I just hope the that person is nice enough to throw us the keys once again so I can get another fix of a true muscle car ride.

Speaking of winning, the folks at Dream Giveaway will also be awarding the winner $10,000 to help pay for the taxes that Uncle Sam feels he is due. All that’s needed is for you to enter. When you do enter to win this time capsule Chevelle, Click here, and you can not only get the tickets you purchase, but you’ll also get bonus tickets, courtesy of us here at Chevy Hardcore (minimum purchase required).

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