Low Class, Anti-Paul Walker Article Lands Author On Suicide Watch

pwaWe published an article recently about the untimely and horrible death of Hollywood actor Paul Walker and his business partner Roger Rodas. At the time of publishing the article, the facts and details were limited, but the outpouring of grieving hearts and emotions have been overwhelming. Some of us, myself included, have only begun to hear about some of the generous and incredible things that Mr. Walker has bestowed upon fans and strangers alike.

itbBacking up to the pre-accident years, Walker was best known for his role as Brian O’Conner, the police officer who turned when he became family to the street racers he was to be investigating. Prior to that, he was the leading man opposite the beautiful Jessica Alba in Into the Blue, prior to that we saw him in movies like Joy Ride, She’s All That, Varsity Blues, and Pleasantville, just to name a few.

However, it was his love for cars – along with one of the starring roles in The Fast and the Furious – that brought Officer Brian O’Conner to the hearts and minds of gearheads everywhere. The cars from the movie series included everything from econoboxes with wicked paint jobs to classic musclecars like the Yenko Camaro and the Hemi Challenger. One of the favorites, which continues to make appearances, is the Dodge Charger – both classic and modern versions.

jrWe could probably name a few movies that brought actor and car together and created awesome chase scenes, crashes and racing, but none of those movies seemed to have the appeal that F&F seems to have had on everyone. Bullitt has been attributed to having the best car chase scene ever, The French Connection was another, and who can forget Two-Lane Blacktop or Vanishing Point? There are plenty of others, and you can surely ask me about them in the comments below and ask me why I didn’t mention Ronin, Smokey and the Bandit, or Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry. Okay, I wanted to get a jump on you.

But I digress; while these movies all had great car chases or racing action, there’s no telling how well they would have done had they continued with multiple sequels like those spawned from The Fast and the Furious. Was it the appeal of the main characters of the story that captured our hearts? Was it that we were all living vicariously through these movies, wishing we could be as rogue as they are, and yet survive without doing jail time and live very well in a foreign land?

It’s hard to tell, but one thing that has been proven is that the cast of stars in this franchise keeps growing, including Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), and Jason Statham in the next sequel, which has been put on hold while family, friends and cast members focus on what’s important: the tragic loss of a loved one.

pwcWe’ve read stories of Paul Walker’s good deeds, how he never refused an autograph, or how his charity – Reach out WorldWide – has been helping victims of natural disasters all over the world. There was the story of how he anonymously put an engagement ring on his tab for a couple in a jewelry store, simply because they couldn’t afford it. His Hollywood family has been grieving both publicly and privately, and sadly we have all been privy to both the camaraderie and the sensationalism that is the media.

pwc1While I have never been one to idolize or worship Hollywood actors or actresses, I can admit that I never really knew much about Paul Walker prior to this unfortunate accident. I could easily lay blame to my lack of interest in Hollywood actors, but when it comes right down to it there just doesn’t seem to be any negative publicity about Mr. Walker – past or present. That, in itself, is saying quite a bit about who he was as a person, and who he was as an actor.

While we keep seeing story after story about some former Disney child star who is now making a mockery of herself, we never really saw anything about Walker that put him in a bad light; and if there ever was a bad publicity story most of us have long forgotten it because it seems Walker did far more good than bad. What he did do for us car junkies is to make cars and movies cool again. His love for cars became our love for cars, and his passion for cars led him to race and to collect some pretty cool rides over the past few years.

pwalkerSo what does all of this have to do with the title of my article? It’s because I was alerted recently to an article on a women’s online blog titled “Top Five Reasons Why I’m Glad Paul Walker Is Dead”, as posted by Adora Bull on Modern Women Digest. It was a very low-class, opinion-editorial about why she feels that Paul Walker’s death was a blessing to her, and it gave reasons that included “No more Fast and Furious sequels” and “Vin Diesel will finally be forced to expand his career.”

The other three aren’t worth mentioning, and I won’t give you the link to her senseless and harsh article, nor will I give you the link to the site that published it. If you haven’t heard about it on Facebook or elsewhere, I’m sure you can find it. Bull’s comments are insensitive, and her logic is skewed by the fact that Paul Walker was loved by many, and wasn’t anything like the person she portrayed him to be. Her comment about how he was loved by “tasteless Fast & Furious fans” only paints Ms. Bull as a bitter, internet troll who sees negative publicity as a means to make herself popular.

And popular she has become, because said article has spurned thousands of responses, and as you might guess, most all of those responses were chastising her for what she wrote. As a result of her article, she is now in protective custody because of the thousands of death threats and nasty responses to her words. She has also been placed on suicide watch because she is not handling the threats very well.

I will not be just like her, or wish her harm, nor will I say she deserves it because I’d like to think I have a heart. I will, however, state that I just wonder what she was thinking when she penned “Christmas came early” when referring to the death of someone who doesn’t seem to have any enemies (other than Adora Bull, that is).

ff1We all know that internet trolls seek attention; that they know the only way they can get that attention is through controversy and by making people angry. It amazes me that she somehow thought the world would rejoice, and praise her shallow and hateful words about someone who most likely never did anything to offend her in the first place.

Apparently, the editors of Modern Women Digest have since posted that they don’t endorse her words, and state that while they don’t agree with her, they do feel she is entitled to her opinion. They also go on and state that they support her and that she will always have a home when she is ready to come back. They finish off with, “Your fans are counting on you to pull through this. God Bless you, Ms. Bull,” and that makes me wonder how many fans she has gained or lost due to her article?

It also makes me wonder if Modern Women Digest felt that the controversy was worth all the attention their site has received, because I know my Group Editor well enough to know that I wouldn’t ever get an article like that published – I would more likely be given a box to collect my personal belongings.


Will we see a young Brian O’Conner, Jr., ripping up the streets in a future sequel?

As the editor of Street Legal TV, I have an obligation to bring our readers and fans the best possible news about musclecars, hot rods and the automotive industry. I have several articles pitched to me on a daily basis from our talented writers; some I approve, some I shoot down. But I know that none of the writers I work with would ever possess the kind of malice it takes to pen an insensitive article such as the one Ms. Bull has written.

To date, she has received over 1,100 comments to her article, most all of them laced with profanity and anger, and many filled with nasty comments and suggestions. I wonder: did she accomplish what she set out to do – to get thousands of people to respond? If that was her goal, she achieved it but went about it in a horrible way.

We try to inspire comments as well, and I would love to see 1,100+ comments below telling me how awesome you thought Paul Walker was, or what kind of movies you would have liked to see him star in. Tell me what you think will happen to Brian O’Conner in the sequel that is currently filming; and since Mia was pregnant, will we see a “Fast Forward and Furious” sequel with a young Brian O’Conner, Jr., ripping up future streets?

Please, share your thoughts about this article or the Fast and Furious franchise, but let’s not give Adora Bull any more of what she was seeking: undeserved attention. I personally hope that nobody tries to follow through on their threats, because that would make a sad situation even sadder. Instead, let’s all forget that she wrote that article and remember Paul Walker for who he was to us – because he clearly was the better person. Rest in Peace, Paul Walker, for there is only one Adora Bull, and countless numbers of us who appreciated all you did – for automotive enthusiasts to moviegoers, and everything in between.

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