IMIS Coverage


IMIS 2012: Fidanza’s New Qwik-Rev Flywheel And Clutch Combos

Launched this fall and new for the 2013 from Fidanza are these new Qwik-Rev flywheel and clutch combo kits, designed for the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and the Corvette.The Qwik-Rev's are available in two differing disc packages: the V1 (which is on display here at IMIS) and the upgraded V2.Read More


IMIS 2012: Canton’s New Road Race/Street Coyote Oil Pans

Canton Racing Products completed their three-headed offering for the 5.0L Coyote engine this fall, releasing the street and road racing Rear Sump "Kit" version of their oil pan, perfect for engine swaps into kit cars, street rods, and earlier model Mustangs.Read More


IMIS 2012: Milodon’s New Drag/Road Race LS Dry Sump Oil Pan

Another part recently released for the bustling GM LS segment is Milodon's new LS dry sump oil pan, intended for road racing, drag racing, or similar applications, with a unique scraper design, a 4-1/2-inchd depth, and room for 4-1/4-inch stroke cranks.Read More


IMIS 2012: Trick-Tools New FlowDrill Makes Drilling Easy

Trick-Tools specializes in tube benders, cold saws, iron workers and sheet metal brakes and shears. But what caught our eye at IMIS 2012 wasn't any of their machinery, rather it was a new tool called the FlowdrillRead More


IMIS 2012: Pro-Filer’s 23-Degree SBC Race/Street Heads

Among Pro-Filer's latest cylinder head offerings is this 23-degree, "All American" aluminum head for the Small Block Chevrolet segment of the race and street performance market, featuring fully CNC ported ports and chambers.Read More


IMIS 2012: World Products’ New Raised Cam SBC Engine Block

PBM Performance Products brought out several of their engine blocks to showcase at IMIS, including this killer little Small Block Chevrolet piece, sporting raised cam bores, four-inch crank capability, and compatibility with standard SBC oil pans, among many other great features.Read More