Back in March we kicked off our Lunati Great Cam Giveaway as we gave away six cams across a variety of our powerTV online magazines.Since then, each magazine will rotate out giving away two cams each Friday for the next two weeks, and now it’s Street Legal TV’s turn!  All you need to do is go to Lunati’s Facebook Page and write why YOU deserve to win a Lunati cam, and what camshaft YOU want…plus don’t forget to post pictures of the project! Remember, until May 3rd the submissions are for muscle car projects only.

To find out what camshaft you want, you can can call Lunati at (662) 892-1500, you can send them an e-mail via their contact form here, or you can search through their online catalog. To get a refresher on the rules, click here.

NEW Special Bonus For Calling Into Lunati!

Lunati has upped their ante by ALSO giving away a set of lifters for anyone that calls into Lunati tech line at (662) 892-1500 to get their cam specs. That means if you win, a simple 10 minute phone call could mean the difference in also winning a FREE set of lifters!

Oh yeah, make sure to get your friends to LIKE your entry. The more likes your entry has, the stronger it will be considered.

Submissions for this week’s giveaway ends Thursday April 26th at 2pm EST and resumes again Friday April 27th for the final week on Street Legal TV. We will evaluate your story, how many other people like your entry, and then will pick a winner. Street Legal TV will pick the submission that not only tells the best reason why they deserve to win but which post has also has the most “Likes.” So if you want to increase your chances of winning each week, get your friends and family to “Like” your post by joining our Facebook page and have them show your support!

And just like this post, the winner from each week will also be featured in a special news feature!