Sometimes you just need a rear end that is complete and just works.  Not everyone has time to fool around with large spline axles on shortened axle tubes, utilizing custom brake options.  Moser Engineering has recently expanded their Muscle Pak rear end line to include most popular rear end configurations.

The Muscle Pak is a direct bolt in, no modifications needed, rear end solution.  They even come with complete drum rear brakes, 31 spline axles, Trac-Loc clutch-type posi, removable center section, and even brake lines.  That means all you need to do is connect your vehicle’s suspension to the Muscle Pak, connect the brake lines, and fill it with fluid.  Moser will also customize your Muscle Pak with a wide variety of options.  This can include beefier axles, aluminum center section, different posi, gear ratios, and disc brakes.    They will even allow you to pick whatever housing you desire, including the M9 or their traditional stamped steel.

• Direct bolt in, including brake lines and emergency brake assemblies
• Standard with drum brakes and Trac-Loc posi
• Fully customizable to your needs, including different housing options