PRI 2012: Performance Distributors Lights Things Up for Fords

Building a car is not only about performance. Sometimes it’s also about saving space and there’s no better way to do this in your engine bay than by getting components, like the Ford D.U.I. (Davis Unified Ignition) distributor from Performance Distributors, which are as compact as they come. Not only are these H.E.I. distributors condensed with the coil tucked inside, they’re easy to install and also pack a potent punch to get any Ford engine up and running smoothly.

We’ve gotten to know the D.U.I. offerings of Performance Distributors quite well, even installing one on our 1965 Mustang project car, but the utter performance and range of applications that Performance Distributors can accommodate with their Ford H.E.I. distributors never fails to impress. At PRI 2012, Performance Distributors proved once again why they’re a leader in the performance distributor and ignition sects of the automotive industry.

Performance Distributors offers three types of D.U.I. distributors for Ford engines, which are the Street/Strip version, the Racing version, and the Ford Flathead version. Each of these versions can be used on a variety of Fords or Ford-powered vehicles, from the small and nimble 144ci engines all the way up to the potent 460ci engines used in many Ford race machines.

Adding to the performance of your vehicle, no matter what Ford engine you run, is the D.U.I.’s instant throttle response, custom advance curve and 50,000 volt coil and dyna-module, which allows for massive .050 to .055-inch spark plug gaps. In turn, these much larger gaps allows for more efficient and complete fuel burn which gives you both – better performance and gas mileage, while the dyna-module allows a much longer spark duration to your spark plugs. What more could you ask for besides a simple one-wire hookup and no extra components needed (which Performance Distributors’ D.U.I. distributors also feature)? Yeah, we couldn’t think of anything either!

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