Coverking is introducing a new line of seat covers priced under $100 and also announcing the availability of seat covers with the popular RealTree and Mossy Oak camouflage print patterns.

Sold under the Moda brand, the new seat cover is made from synthetic leather for easy maintenance. All the covers have the same fitment and application as the Coverking brand, with a few changes.

Note the difference in stitching between the standard Coverking seat cover and the new, budget-minded version from Moda.

“It’s Coverking simplified,” explains company spokesman Sam Overton.

The Moda covers don’t have the same stitching, nor is there a back pocket on the seat. Otherwise, the covers are similar to the main Coverking line.

“The other big news is that we’ve partnered with RealTree and Mossy Oak to offer their patterns,” adds Overton.

Some of the RealTree patterns offered include Camo, Blaze, Colors, APG, Snow, Max-1, Max-4, Hardwoods Green HD, Advantage Timber and XTRA. These covers are made from quality neoprene to help protect against dirt and moisture as well as abuse form pets and children. They’re custom fit, including headrests, armrests and console, and available for front, middle and rear rows on most popular vehicles.

As with the Moda covers, the RealTree and Mossy Oak patterns are side-airbag friendly.