One night, while waiting for a flight home, MagnaFlow Senior Manager Richard Waitas was sketching a design on a napkin. His sketch was an effort to help answer that age old question about mufflers: “What does it sound like?” Seeing that mufflers have very many different sounds and levels, he wanted to figure out a way to bring those varying sounds to the potential customer without having to continually change the exhaust system on the vehicle.

After he was pleased with his sketch, he solicited the artistic visionary and member of the MagnaFlow team, designer Chip Foose. Shortly, the design was rendered and the plans were given to CW Restoration Shop to make that rendering a reality, and that’s what you see before you: The Revolver, a 1949 Chevrolet Truck that has been converted to a very cool muffler sound test vehicle.

Revealed at SEMA on October 30th, The Revolver wowed the crowd and made for one very unique vehicle. Finished in a glistening color by BASF Glasurit 90 line, the Sioux Red pickup has a TCI Engineering chassis and a 6.2L E-Rod LS3 GM engine backed by a built 4l65E by California Performance Transmission.

The truck was built to allow people to hear what either of the eight different mufflers sounds like using controls that allow the system to revolve and make the connection to the muffler on each exhaust circuit. Magnaflow’s press release said, “When the rotating muffler mechanism is removed, the Revolver still has a working system allowing it to both drive on the street and race down the track.” So this truck is meant to be driven, as well. It was a pretty cool truck with a very unique approach to testing muffler sounds.

Attending the show along with MagnaFlow is none other than Revolver girl Sabina Kelley and Miss MagnaFlow Amanda Landry to sign autographs and pose for pictures. We also met up with another MagnaFlow team member, Dennis Anderson, who was there in the booth to sign autographs and hand out posters. The Grave Digger was at another booth at SEMA, and we got to check that out, too.

Also at the show, Revolver girl Sabina Kelley and Miss Magnaflow Amanda Landry were on hand to sign autographs, as was the man behind the Grave Digger monster truck, Dennis Anderson.

If you want to see where Revolver will be next, or to find out what MagnaFlow has for your hot rod, street rod, musclecar, truck or off-road vehicle, check out their web site and also their Facebook page for regular updates.