Fox-body Mustangs are one of the most popular Mustangs to modify in the wide world of customization. Being so easy and cheap to obtain, these cars have so much potential for virtually any kind of asphalt racing, and Creations ‘n Chrome built this car to do just that.

Gary Watson, Co-founder of Creations ‘n Chrome built this car because his childhood dream was to own a Fox-body Mustang. “I’ve owned several as a kid, but they were always used and didn’t make the power I wanted or handled the way I wanted, so now that I’m older and can afford to play around a little bit I’m kind of re-living my childhood and I built what I feel is the ultimate Fox-body Mustang,” Watson explained. This Mustang has it all. And when we say it has it all, literally every aspect of this car has been modified. No matter what you throw at this car it will perform. Drag, time attack, canyon runs, standing miles, this car can hold its own.

The very first modification that caught our eye was the cantilever-style front suspension. Built by JME Enterprises, the suspension uses JRI double-adjustable remote reservoir coil-overs, but it is not an off the shelf kit. To obtain an awesome suspension setup like this, you would have to purchase the kit and then send in your specifications for JME to custom build it. Watson used this suspension kit for a reason; to push the Vortech JT-trim centrifugal supercharger equipped Ford Racing 5.0L Aluminator crate motor back 18 inches to optimize weight distribution as close to 50/50 as possible. Did we mention that the car makes 850 hp at the rear wheels on 17 psi of boost? Crazy!

The awesome part about this Mustang is that it is a tube chassis car and all of the work was done in house with flawless execution. With speed and handling in mind, weight needed to be shaved off of the car. Some internet research lead Watson to a company called Motor City Solutions, which happens to specialize in dry carbon body components that fit as if they were OEM. The doors, bumpers, hood and trunk are all from Motor City Solutions and they fit excellently. The widebody front fenders and rear over-fenders are made by a company called Maier Racing, who has been in the Mustang industry for more than 20 years. “We thought they were the best looking solution to our widebody problem,” stated Watson. And we couldn’t agree more. What’s great about the fenders and over-fenders is that they keep the stock body lines, but give the car a much wider appearance, while allowing for a wider track-width.

Speaking of wide, The HRE C100 wheels measure in at 18×11 in the front and 18×13 in the rear, wrapped in 295/30 Toyo Proxes R888 rubber in front and 335/30 out back. To keep the car planted at high speeds, Watson went with a full APR aero kit which includes a front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and a massive adjustable rear wing. We can’t wait to see this car pushed to its limits, which is exactly what Watson plans on doing with it because after all, it was built to be driven.