SEMA 2013: Exedy Ford 6R80 Automatic AT Sport Frictions

In the past few years Ford has done wonders with their automatic transmissions for rear wheel drive applications. The 6R80 automatic has finally brought Mustang transmissions into the 21st century, and it’s power holding capability is typically good for many bolt on upgrades. Once the power levels start pushing past 500 the 6R80 needs some upgrades, and that’s where Exedy comes in.

Exedy, known for their high quality friction materials has released two high performance friction upgrade kits for Ford 6R80 transmissions. According to Exedy’s Kyle House, the product was born out of necessity and requests from transmission builders in the aftermarket. “The Coyote is a good platform for making big power numbers, and guys were easily pushing the stock transmission past it’s limits.”

House says that enthusiasts wanting high horsepower while retaining the functionality of the factory transmission had builders within the aftermarket looking for a solution. Exedy’s Stage 1 friction kit is rated for 600 hp at the rear wheels and requires no other modifications to the transmission. The stage 2 kit is capable of handling 1,000 hp, however this one does require additional modifications in order for the parts to be installed.

The frictions offer 40-percent more surface area for greater torque handling capability. The product does require a professional familiar with the 6R80 transmission to be able to install it, and removing the transmission from the car is necessary.

Owners can expect faster, harder shifting, along with the ability to handle the power demands of late model Mustang and Ford enthusiasts. According to Exedy when coupled with a good torque converter, the Stage 2 frictions should be enough to make the 6R80 the last transmission all that most Mustang enthusiasts and racers will ever need.

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