Modern technology has made engine swaps more popular than ever before. It’s easier than ever for enthusiasts to mix their favorite engine with a platform that’s best suited for their intended use or style. LS engine swaps have been a primary example of this, and perhaps no one knows this better than SPEC Clutch.

SPEC’s David Norton took some time at the SEMA show to talk with us about clutches for drivetrain swaps. SPEC even had a Porsche 944 in their booth, a personal car of Norton’s that they had swapped in a LS3 engine. That car features a 403 cubic inch LS making 550 hp to the rear tires on pump gas.

The car features SPEC’s carbon-carbon clutch, and Norton says he feels like there is more in the combination, “We changed a few things before we finished putting the car together, and we haven’t had time to get a final tune in it yet.”

The car is primarily intended to spend it’s time on the track, though Norton says the drivability is ok at this time on the street. He’s hoping the FAST XFI control system can be tuned further to provide even better street manners.

Norton was also showing off SPEC’s new 10.5 inch single disc clutch. This unit is designed to be lighter weight over the company’s 12-inch options. “A small diameter disc is easier on the transmission, and shifts a little better,” says Norton. He says he’s planning to change the Porsche out to this setup to add a little more drivability for the street.

“There’s not an engine combination that we don’t build a clutch for, if we don’t make a clutch for it, we can custom build one in house,we have that flexibility,” says Norton. He points to his 944 as a prime example where a Porsche gearbox has been mated to a LS engine. SPEC offers a variety of stages and applications to fit most enthusiasts needs.