ZendexToolSEMA07One of the dilemmas that automotive enthusiasts run into from time to time is that we need to work on our cars and are inconvenience with floor jacks or floor space. Moving a car that can’t yet be started becomes quite the chore, and raising one end and pushing it around is not an easy task, yet alone being dangerous.

ZendexToolSEMA02Zendex Tool Corporation has a few solutions for the shop and the home garage, in affordable vehicle lifting and moving devices that will make almost any gearhead start early on the Christmas wish list. One of those items that caught our attention was the GoJak, a vehicle jack and moving system that puts your car above the ground by a couple of inches on casters so it can be moved around the garage or shop with ease.

The way the system works is by placing the GoJak around each tire and using the lever the two halves ratchet together to lift that corner off the ground. Once that corner is lifted and locked into place, the other three wheels can be addressed, and when the car is in the air it can be moved around on these automotive casters to another part of the garage or shop.

ZendexToolSEMA05We also noticed other uses for the GoJak, including towing, storing classic cars, and moving race cars around the race garage. There are four models depending on the weight of the vehicle, and a handy GoJak Rack to store the casters when they’re not in use.

Zendex Tool also has some great shop/garage tools in their lift systems, that work much like a floor jack but use compressed air to operate an air bag. To learn more about GoJak and other garage and shop equipment, visit the Zendex Tool website, and get that Christmas list started!