There is nothing worse than putting tons of money and hours into a classic muscle car just to have it break down on you. Well, except if your beloved muscle car is involved in a wreck, causing serious damage to that body you meticulously worked on. As Autoholics reports, one Woodward Dream Cruise participant suffered this fate in his ‘70 Plymouth Superbird. And there are pictures to prove it.

There are no details on what occurred in the accident but the front and rear of the Superbird were smashed in, the front more so than the rear. The owner of the car was apparently on his way home from the Dream Cruise when the unfortunate accident occurred.

The front was smashed in by the Superbird rear-ending a late-model Silverado while it looks like the ‘Bird was rear-ended by a smaller car, causing the damage to the rear.

Our hearts go out to the owner of the Superbird. It is always tough seeing such an iconic classic smashed up, especially knowing how much work probably went into the car. Hopefully the Superbird can be fixed and good as new in no time.