’71 Chevy C10 Pickup Gets The Pro-Touring Makeover

OK, it’s time to face it, and admit to ourselves that pro-touring is here to stay –at least for the foreseeable future. So for all of you haters out there, just accept that fact, and embrace the g-machine. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Having said that, we’ve seen pretty much every combination of the pro-touring car; from the no-expense spared LS-powered ’69 Camaro, to even the [quickly becoming popular] ‘80s G-body equipped with nothing more than a set of 18’s and a pair of thicker sway bars.

But when we saw Jeryd’s [no last name given] aka “JRod’sGarage’”s ’71 Chevy C10 on pro-touring.com’s message board, we had to take a closer look, and we’re glad we did. For some inspiration, Jeryd looked no further than from his own father’s ’71 C10, along with RideTech’s on-going project ’68 Velocity Camaro. Judging by the pictures, Jeryd is well on his way into building the ultimate pro-touring truck.

The C10 is now equipped with AirRide suspension, a relocated battery in the bed (hidden creatively in a mounted, mock ice-cooler), and aftermarket cosmetic touches like smoothed bumpers, shaved side-view mirrors, and a billet grille. Jeryd even replaced the original front inner fenderwells with homemade aluminum pieces. We dig it.

As it sits now, it’s still packing a traditional SBC, but sitting in the corner of Jeryd’s garage a 6.0 LQ4 topped off with a set of stock LS2 heads and an intake manifold. Future plans call for some serious head work, an aftermarket camshaft, headers, and holding the LQ4 in place, will be a new drop member from Porterbuilt Fabrication. Backing the LQ4 will be the tried and true 4L60E.

Our take? We love the overall look of the truck, even the color. But with that lowered stance, we would like to see Jeryd swap out the factory rolling stock for something a little more appropriate. We’re thinking either a killer set of 18-20-inchers (in keeping with the pro-touring theme) or a quadrant of baby moons wrapped in whitewall rubber. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping an eye on this one as it progresses.

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