A Near-Perfect Resto-Mod ’68 Charger With a 472 HEMI and 5-Speed

There are certain cars that look good in motion and look good standing still, and this perfect silver ’68 Charger is one of those cars. We found it listed for sale by Streetside Classics for the low-low price of $99,995 (*wink*), and though it’s not an original HEMI car we’re inclined to believe that it’s a fair price. According to the listing the car began life with an interesting configuration.

Believe it or not, but those seats are the modified original units.

Under the hood was a 318cid 2-bbl V8, backed by 4-speed manual and a 3.54 Sure Grip rear axle (Dana 60 or 8-3/4). It was originally a silver car, but may have actually had a blue bumblebee stripe!

On the interior side it had black trip, AM/FM radio, air conditioning, a tach, tinted glass, bucket seats, and a driver’s side remote outside mirror. Honestly, with the exception of the 318, this was a fairly stout car from day one!

The real reason we’re not killed by the price tag is by the modifications that have been done. In this day and age it’s hard to find a high dollar non-original car that has not gone the Pro Touring route, and this one stays committed to it’s muscle car roots.

Obviously, the 600 horeposwer 472 cubic inch Ray Barton HEMI under the hood is the biggest talking point, and it has a front runner unit, Stage V aluminum heads, 10.25:1 compression, and a custom grind solid lifter cam.

The big HEMI is backed by a Keisler/Tremec 5-speed that pumps to a Dana 60 stuffed with 4.10 gears with Sure Grip limited slip. Best of all, it’s riding around on timeless Magnum 500’s with 245/60/15 up front and 275/60/15 on the rear. Perfecto!


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