Building your car on a budget can be kind of tricky, but now thanks to Aeromotive’s new 340 Stealth Fuel Cells, you can give your car a high-performance fueling system without all the extra cost. Available for a variety of applications, as well as in 6, 15 and 20-gallon configurations, you’ll never need to worry about your car’s fueling needs again.

Featuring Aeromotive’s popular 340 lph Stealth Fuel Pump, this is the perfect fuel cell for your big horsepower needs. The internal pump is extremely quiet with an OEM style configuration capable of supporting 700+hp. Additionally, the fuel cell provides several performance advantages, such as cool operation, even in harsh driving conditions, achieved through always having the pump submerged with innovative baffling, and space savings.

The ease of installation for the fuel cell is also unbeatable with no pre-pump plumbing necessary. All you have to do is strap in the cell, hook up your wires and lines and be ready to drive; no welding or drilling required. Featuring a natural aluminum finish, this fuel cell will look good in any vehicle.

A bit more budget-friendly than Aeromotive’s A1000 and Eliminator fuel cells, the 340 Stealth Fuel Cell will save you space, time and money on your build project. And don’t forget, you can choose from 6-gallon, 15-gallon and 20-gallon cells to equip any application with the proper amount of fuel.

For more information about applications and retailers for Aeromotive’s 340 Stealth Fuel Cells, visit Aeromotive’s website.