You can have all the horsepower in the world, but if you can’t cool it properly, it doesn’t do you any good.  This especially goes for non-intercooled supercharged engines like the 427 ci in our ’65 Mustang.  While making 1030 hp, it is still a street/strip vehicle that needs proper cooling, and if you have ever seen the stock radiator size in a first gen Mustang, you’d know it’s laughable.

Thus we turned to AFCO and their custom made radiators.  We wanted to fit the biggest possible radiator we could in the Mustang, and we did just that.  It fills from frame rail to frame rail, and the end tanks have been tapered to the body line at the bottom to maximize this space.  Additionally, AFCO was able to accommodate a few other needs, like end tank mounting tabs that will secure into the frame rails as well as a water temperature sensor bung.

But outside the ability to weld together some aluminum, AFCO radiators are really top notch pieces.  All radiators are made completely from aluminum without the need for epoxy.  Not only does this make for a lighter radiator, but the common material bonding provides for increased thermal efficiency. Also, all radiators are 100% TIG welded and are multi-step pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks.

All AFCO radiators are hand TIG welded here in the good ol' USA