Arizona Classic Car Junkyard a Sight for Optimistic Eyes

Arizona is known for it’s clean chrome and rust-free sheet metal. It’s warm, dry, and well, the perfect environment for aging classic cars. That’s why it came as no surprise to us that arguably the largest classic car salvage yard in the country resides in the sunny state. But nothing could have prepare us for just how massive this junkyard is.

As we found out from BangShift, the Desert Valley Auto Parts salvage yard is a whopping 40 acres in size between two locations and the 100-plus-photos contributor Bob Chiluk captured while visiting are proof of the amazing cars that can be found inside.

If Desert Valley Auto Parts sounds familiar, it’s because the massive junkyard was featured on the Discovery Channel’s 2011 “Desert Car Kings” series. In this program, the daily happenings of the yard were chronicled, from challenges to car auctions. Obviously if you watched the cable show, you know just how big of a salvage yard we’re talking about.

The 40 acres of land right outside Phoenix, Arizona is literally stacked with cars from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. There are also a few 30s-era cars as well as some 80s-era vehicles that made it into the piles.

Because some cars are stacked two and three high, it is hard to discern exactly what some of them are. However, the photos do reveal several classic Ford Mustangs, Country Squires, Fairlanes, Galaxies, Rancheros and Falcons; Buick Centuries, Specials, Skylarks and LeSabres; Dodge Coronets, Polaras, Darts, Monacos and Chargers; Chevy Novas, Impalas, Camaros, Bel Airs and Chevelles; as well as Pontiac Catalinas, Star Chiefs, LeMans models, Grand Prixes, Bonnevilles, GTOs, Tempests and Firebirds. BangShift also captured pictures of a classic Mercury Marauder and rare Apollo White Buick GSX.

It is fair to say that if you have any kind of project car, be it a hot rod, rat rod, muscle car or classic, Desert Valley Auto Parts is more than likely to have the parts you need among their collection of some 7,000 vehicles.

In addition to the salvage yard where a variety of parts can be pulled, Desert Valley also has “Survivors” that are sold as whole cars for projects or restoration, as well as a parts department where parts that have already been pulled off cars can be browsed.

Desert Valley Auto Parts looks like an amazing place to visit. Sure, it’s a bit sad to see so many classic cars in such deplorable conditions, but with the quantity that could be saved or serve as vital parts cars, visiting would be well worth the trip if you’re looking for your next project.

Virtually any classic make and model imaginable can be found laying in ruins at Desert Valley Auto Parts

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