Every once in a while, poking around the Internet message boards reveals more than just self-appointed experts jabbering about the finer points of inconsequential nonsense. Such is the case with Jeremy, an electrical engineer from Olathe, KS, who has been posting a build thread over on KillBillet.com – a forum for rat rod builders and enthusiasts.

It all started with an old truck cab.

Posting a detailed build thread is an unselfish act of sharing information, techniques and results. Jeremy, who posts under the handle 70_Fastback, started a rat rod project in late January of last year and has been studiously keeping forum members up to date ever since in this thread.

Currently up to 32 pages, the thread is an amazing tale of persistence and “mad skills” in fabrication. Jeremy started with little more than a ’39 Chevrolet truck cab and now has progressed beyond the rolling chassis stage, as you can see in the lead photo. There’s plenty more work to be done, but it is getting close enough to taste.

If you have any interest in seeing what it takes to build a hot rod pretty much from scratch, this is as close to a step-by-step guide as you’ll ever see.

We’ve taken the liberty of extracting just a few of the photos for you to see what’s going on over there. From building his own frame to recycling connecting rods as steering column supports, it’s a pretty amazing and entertaining story.