We’ve all been there – that feeling when when you think you know someone…and you find out you really don’t! According to Ken from the Lone Star state of Texas, that’s pretty much what happened to him recently. After knowing a husband and wife pair for about 4 years, Ken overheard the wife saying something about “a Super Bee out in the barn.” From reading his story on carsinbarns.com, it seems that Ken knew the potential of what he had just heard and wanted to make sure that no one else found out about the hidden treasure before he had a chance to investigate.

After letting it sink it, Ken went back to the wife while no one else was around and asked to have a look at this “Super Bee out in the barn.” She obliged but warned that the classic muscle car would most likely not be for sale due to the husband’s sentimental attachment to the the vehicle. Understandability so, since her mother-in-law had bought it brand new back in 1969.

Once Ken finally had a look, he came to realize that the couple had, indeed, been harboring a real deal, all original, 1969 Dodge Super Bee in the corner of their tin shed for the past 25 years. On further inspection, Ken determined that the 383 V8 and 3-speed automatic tranny that came in the base model B-body were still in tact, and although the beloved muscle car was full of rat droppings, it had been pretty well protected from the elements.

After the discovery, Ken and the wife hatched a plan to “work on” her husband and convince him to sell the car during an upcoming vacation the two had planned. One can’t be too sure what this lady said or did while on retreat with her husband, but it is probably safe to assume that she is quite a catch, because upon their return the husband was ready to consider selling his family heirloom. After a prompt from the wife and a days conversion with the man he thought he knew, Ken found himself settling on a deal and became the proud owner of a 1969 Dodge Super Bee.