Bill Howell’s ’72 Dodge Charger SE: The Pro-Touring Recipe Perfected


We’ve all seen the countless features on the legions of cars following the Pro-Touring movement. At first blush, the recipe seems fairly simple; find a good looking car to start with, put Le Mans-caliber suspension, wheels, tires, and brakes on it, and then drop in a modern day, computer controlled, 500-plus-horsepower powerplant. Easy enough, right? Well, not quite. The recipe may seem easy to the untrained eye, mainly due to the massive barrage of coverage these cool cars get, but building a high end Pro Touring car takes just as much art, vision, and planning as it does excellent workmanship and dollars.

Bill Howell’s ’72 Dodge Charger SE is a perfect example of the high end side of the Pro-Touring trend. Unlike many Pro Touring builds, his project did non start with a Camaro, but instead a car he’d always wanted; a ’72 Charger.

He found a rust-free Charger SE in Arizona, but before going any further he contacted Rushforth Designs to put together a rendering blueprint of what the car could be. It was during that process that they hammered out the look, the stance, the colors, etc., and once the artistic vision was in place it was time to find a way to make it all possible.

We’ve done a terrific news item on this car in the past, and it’s worth your time. Rest assured, this Charger has everything that a Pro Touring car should with a modern HEMI, cool suspension, and everything in between. Better yet, Bill Howell isn’t afraid to drive the wheels off of it at all of his many yearly Pro-Touring events!

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